Quoting Carroll: Oregon State Postgame

The top-ranked USC Trojans were stunned by the Oregon State Beavers, 27-21, Thursday night in Corvallis. SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with Pete Carroll to get the coaches thoughts on the upset.

Pete Carroll on USC's stunning 27-21 loss:

"Of course we are extremely disappointed, but you look at it and you see Oregon State played great tonight. They did all of the things they needed to do to win this football game. Mike (Riley) had them ready, they played better than us, they played harder than us, and they made all the plays they needed to make. They deserve a tremendous amount of credit. It was a great win for them."

Pete Carroll on Jacquizz Rodgers:

"Our inability to stop Rodgers on the zone play was crucial. I am beside myself. They didn't hide what they were doing, they just did tit and we couldn't stop it. We couldn't tackle him. He had a great game, he did everything they wanted him to, and gave them every chance to control the ball and get first downs."

Pete Carroll on the Trojans struggles in the first half:

"We weren't ready to do what we needed to do. We felt like we had great preparation and thought we did everything that we needed to and then when we were out there it just didn't feel like it. On both sides of the ball in the first half we couldn't function."

Pete Carroll on the getting too many penalties:

"We really hurt ourselves with our penalties. We put ourselves in difficult situations, too difficult to come back in a game like that."

Pete Carroll on being physically dominated by Oregon State:

"We just got knocked around. It wasn't a turnover game at all tonight, that's usually what happens. We just got beat tonight. Oregon State beats us and they did a great job on both sides of the ball. We have to figure out why we tackled so poorly."

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