Quoting Carroll: Monday Practice

Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans were focused on Saturday's match up against the Oregon Ducks at practice on Monday. Read what Pete Carroll had to say about Rey Maualuga, Clay Matthews and much more.

Pete Carroll on Rey Maualuga's sprained knee:

"He's going to go day-to-day. The fact that his knee is not swollen up really helps him. He has full range of motion and all that. They weren't willing to test him today at all out here running. They won't to wait and give it a chance to see how it responds."

Pete Carroll on Zack Heberer's sprained toe:

"He looks like he is going to be awhile.He has a pretty serious sprained toe and he is still in the boot. I saw him today and he said he feels a lot better but we will have to wait and see."

Pete Carroll on Clay Matthews getting the start against Oregon:

"He's had three terrific games and he deserves to get more playing time. He has just been too effective to keep him on the sidelines so we are going to find a way to keep him out there more…He's going to start this week. I didn't say where but he is going to start this week."

Pete Carroll on the play of the wide receivers:

"We are really happy with the receiving group with Patrick (Turner) and Damian Williams has played his way into more playing time. He's really done a beautiful job so he will get more snaps. Ronald Johnson has done everything that we have asked of him too and those guys have just kept moving up."

Pete Carroll on Damian Williams:

"Damian Williams has just played really, really good football. He's just earning his way and that's what this competition is all about. He's a very, very consistent player and he's a big play guy too so we need to keep him out there."

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