Dareus Hiley interview

Hiley is one of the top prospects in the mid-west this year and he has the ability to play receiver or defensive back in college. He's coming off an impressive year that saw him play all over the field for his 8-2 Glenville (OH) squad. Here's what he had to say about his trip to USC.

WeAreSC- Go through the weekend and talk about what you did on the visit.


Hiley- "It was real fun.  Friday, we got in so late we just went to our hotel and met our host and some of the players on the team.  My host was Hershel Dennis, and I met Mike Williams.  Then the next day, game day, we woke up and met all of the academic people and met all of the trainers and different teachers.  Since I'm majoring in business, they had me meet with the business Dean.  Then we went back to the hotel, and then to the game and into the locker room with the team, and we walked on the field with them."


WeAreSC- What did you think of the game and the atmosphere?


Hiley- "It was great.  It was a good game.  USC has some tough players.  I loved the fans.  They were crazy."


WeAreSC- What did you do next?


Hiley- "After the game, we went out with our hosts to all of the parties and sightseeing.  The next day, we went out again with our hosts and we went to the Staples Center, to the Sky Box.  It was a lot of fun.  At night we went to Papadakis'.  People were dancing and everything.  That was crazy.  Then we went out one more time with our hosts, to a club called the Rhythm Room or something like that.  It was fun."


WeAreSC- Did you get a chance to talk to the coaches?


Hiley- "Yeah, I talked to all of the coaches."


WeAreSC- Are you still being recruited as a receiver by USC?


Hiley- "Yeah."


WeAreSC- So did you talk to Coach Kiffin a lot?


Hiley- "Yeah, He just showed me where I can fit in and he laid it out." 


WeAreSC- What about Coach Carroll?


Hiley- "Yeah, I talked to Coach Carroll.  He told me where he needs me and where I could get a chance to just come in and show my talent."


WeAreSC- Did the visit make a positive impact and raise the Trojans on your list?


Hiley- "Yeah, it did."


WeAreSC- What other schools are you looking at?


Hiley- "This week I'm going up to Michigan, the week after that I'm going to Wisconsin, and then my last visit is to Miami.  I went to Ohio State the first week, against Michigan.  That was my first visit.  There's a lot of schools talking to me, but those are the only one's I'm taking visits to." 


WeAreSC- Do you have any leaders out of that group?


 Hiley– "Right now, Ohio State and USC."


WeAreSC- Do you have any idea when you want to make your decision?


 Hiley- "The week after my last visit." 


WeAreSC- I know you and Donte [Whitner] are taking most of your visits together, have you ever talked about going to the same school?


Hiley- "We've talked about it but he's going to make the best decision for him and I'll make the best decision for me.  We might end up at the same school but I don't know right now."

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