Quoting Carroll: Tuesday Practice

The Trojans had handful of key players miss practice on Tuesday due to injuries. Look inside to see what Pete Carroll had to say about the status of Rey Maualuga, Mark Sanchez and much more.

Pete Carroll on Rey Maualuga:

"Really good news about Rey today. God, Rey looked good today. He took about half the practice, ran full speed and felt good. That is a really good step forward. It's a great step up for him and he's pumped up about getting ready…He's real close. He looked to me like he could have played today. He's comfortable with the brace and all that so it's a great sign."

Pete Carroll on the status of Mark Sanchez:

"Mark threw the ball a little bit today and felt pretty good. Again, he's in with the doctors tonight and we'll find out what all that means. I don't really have anything to forecast on this one, we just have to wait and see but he's encouraged. He got a lot better from yesterday to today, so we'll find out what happens with that."

Pete Carroll on Jeff Byers' knee:

"He's got a bit of a sore knee and they want to just rest it. There is nothing wrong with it, but it's just kind of a sore knee and they want to give him another day's rest before he comes back out. He said he was fine, but the trainers wanted to hold him out."

Pete Carroll on the deep passing game:

"Our emphasis isn't any different than it has ever been, but I think we are better at it right now. Mark has a real knack. He has a knack to stay alive in the rush and he knows where the guys are going to pop open. He has real good vision to find people down the field and he has a great arm…Ronald (Johnson), Patrick (Turner) and Damian (Williams) have really elevated their game and they look really aggressive downfield when we are throwing the ball to them. They look very good and we are excited about that."

Pete Carroll on starting Clay Matthews:

"It was just clear that Clay was making so many things happen. He's playing so good that he just needs to be out there more. He's really playing good."

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