Mark Bradford interview

WeAreSC caught up with Mark Bradford out of Fremont High School. The big receiver has been pretty busy lately with a couple of official visits and he also attended the big USC-Notre Dame match up over the weekend. He gives his thoughts on the game and names a top-3. Are the Trojans in there?

WeAreSC- What are your thoughts on the game over the weekend?


Bradford- "USC played real well.  It was crazy.  I kind of got up out of my seat and walked a little bit and got a whiff of all those fans.  It was really exciting."


WeAreSC- Did it impact your thoughts on USC and where they stand on your list?


Bradford- "Sort of, because I already knew kind of how SC was.  I kind of had a feel for them really.  So it reinforced how I felt about them."


WeAreSC- Did you hang out with any of the other recruits there?


Bradford- "Yeah, I saw Sedric Ellis there.  I went on the LSU trip with him.  He's a pretty good guy."


WeAreSC- What do you think of the USC offense and how the receivers are used?


Bradford- "Oh man, the receivers play an awesome role in that offense.  They definitely get the ball to the receivers.  The receivers make big plays." 


WeAreSC- So what schools are you looking at right now?


Bradford- "I'm still looking at like seven schools.  USC, UCLA, Oregon, LSU, Notre Dame, Washington, and Washington State." 


WeAreSC- Do you have any favorites out of that group?


Bradford- "If I had to name a favorite, it would probably be LSU, Notre Dame, and USC." 


WeAreSC- Talk a little bit about what you like about each of those schools.


Bradford- "For USC, I just look at them and they get the ball to the young freshmen and it shows they're not scared to cut the freshmen loose and throw them the ball.  They definitely have a wide open offense.  They throw the ball equally.  They basically get the ball to the receivers, so I like that about them.  Notre Dame is just an up and coming school, they get a lot of publicity, and I could see myself going there.  I can see myself playing in their uniform and doing good things.  LSU, the opportunities.  Basically I could see myself going there and getting some early playing time and it's a pretty big school, in a big time conference, and stuff like that so I could see myself going there and getting in the spotlight."


WeAreSC- What does your official visit schedule look like right now?


Bradford- "Washington on December 14th.  I'm also going to Oregon and Notre Dame.  I don't have those dates set." 


WeAreSC- Do you have any in-home visits set up?


Bradford- "We're in the process of doing that."


WeAreSC- Have you talked to any of the USC coaches since the game on Saturday?


Bradford- "Yeah, I talked to coach Burns.  He was just telling me that they want me to come there."


WeAreSC- Do you have any idea of when you want to decide on a school?


Bradford- "No, I don't."


WeAreSC- How did your season go?


Bradford- "The season went pretty well.  We went out kind of early, that was disappointing.  We had a lot of expectations for the season and we never lived up to our potential.  We never really got it together and got going as a team, but overall I think I had a pretty good season."


WeAreSC- I know you injured your ankle early on, how is that doing now?


Bradford- "It's fine now.  It kind of lingered during the season."


WeAreSC- What are you doing now that the football season is over?


Bradford- "I'm playing basketball."


WeAreSC- Do you still plan on playing basketball in college?


Bradford- "Yeah, definitely." Top Stories