Quoting Carroll: Wednesday Practice

The Trojans had a very intense practice on Wednesday at Howard Jones Field as they prepare to face Arizona State. SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with Pete Carroll after practice to get the coaches thoughts on a variety of topics.

Pete Carroll on the status of Mark Sanchez:

"He threw the ball really well and he practiced well today. He did all of the stuff that we needed him to do. He took a third of the team plays today, and that's a really good sign. The doctors thought if he made it through today and didn't have any problem he would go full-go tomorrow. That would be enough for him to play in the game if he can do that."

Pete Carroll on the intensity of Wednesday's practice:

"We are practicing like crazy. This was a great practice today. This was a really physical practice today, particularly when we went against each other in the run game. On both sides of the ball we were really matching up and battling. I was fired up about this."

Pete Carroll on Alex Parsons' play against Oregon:

"Alex played very well. He was on the mark on tons of plays. He had a couple of mistakes that guys have, but other than that he physically played really well. That just helps so much depth-wise. He can play on both sides and he is playing center too so he has become a very, very valuable guy."

Pete Carroll on the value of Damian Williams:

"He's a real natural receiver. He just gets it. He reads coverages really well, he is a good route runner, he's tough over the middle, he's got good speed, but I think the thing that separates him is just his natural feel for the position. He's been a lot like Steve Smith was."

Pete Carroll on the Trojans' balanced offense:

"Our offense is based on balance. We want to make our opponent defend everything. We are at our best when we are aggressively running the football. When we are coming downhill at you and making five and six yards on regular running plays then everything comes off of that. We love to make you have to defend the run, and then all of the actions off the run. We have always been at our best when we have an aggressive runner."

Pete Carroll getting the players fired up at practice.

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