Jon Turner interview

Word got out earlier today that Corona star Jon Turner had committed to USC. The 6'3, 238 pound stand out discusses his commitment and he has some interesting things to say regarding where he might play as a Trojan.

WeAreSC- So I heard you committed to USC?


Turner- "Yeah."


WeAreSC- When did you commit?


Turner- "I committed Saturday after the Notre Dame game, down in the locker room with them.  I just told Pete Carroll that I wanted to commit and that I wanted to go to SC.  He got real excited."


WeAreSC- What made you decide on USC?


Turner- "I knew I wanted to go there and it just seemed like the right time.  Most of all their academics.  It's a real good school, and a lot of people who come from SC have good jobs and things like that.  And, their football team is doing real well right now."


WeAreSC- What coach is recruiting you for USC?


Turner- "Coach Sarkisian."


WeAreSC- What kind of role did he play in getting you to come to USC?


Turner- "He played a big role.  He stayed in contact with me more than any other coach from any other school.  He talked to my parents a lot and just always made it seem like he was real interested in me.  He was real cool."


WeAreSC- I know you played all over the field for Corona this past year, where have the Coaches from USC talked to you about playing at?


Turner- "They said from linebacker, to defensive end, to running back."


WeAreSC- Do you have a preference on whether you play on the offensive or defensive side?


Turner- "I'd rather play on defense."


WeAreSC- What do you think of that defense that USC runs and how you might fit in?


Turner- "I like the defense that they run.  They said they might put me on the outside and have me rush the quarterback a lot.  They said they might do a lot of stuff with me.  I'm not sure yet."


WeAreSC- Speaking of the USC-Notre Dame game, what did you think of that game and the whole atmosphere?


Turner- "Oh, I loved it. It was packed with people.  It was great."


WeAreSC- Have you had any in-home visits with USC yet?


Turner- "Yeah, yesterday with Coach Sarkisian.  He was just telling me a lot about the schools and the programs, and how things work when you get there."


Have you scheduled your official visit to USC yet?


Turner- "Yeah, its set for January 10th."


WeAreSC- Are you going to be visiting any other schools?


Turner- "No, SC is it."


WeAreSC- Talk a little about how your season went this past year for Corona.


Turner- "I had 130 tackles on the season and I think a thousand some yards rushing.  I played middle linebacker, and for like two games, they put me at defensive end." Top Stories