Sam Baker interview

When it was learned that Tustin's Chris Barrett had committed to USC, everyone's next thought was whether or not Sam Baker would follow suit. After all, the two had been rumored to be a pretty solid package deal. WeAreSC caught up with Sam Baker to find out the latest.

WeAreSC- So how's your recruitment coming along?


Baker- "It's pretty busy."


WeAreSC- I heard you had an in-home visit tonight?


Baker- "Yeah, Arizona State."


WeAreSC- Were you at the USC game over the weekend?


Baker- "No, I watched it at my dad's house."


WeAreSC- What did you think of what you saw on TV?


Baker- "Oh, it was awesome."


WeAreSC- Does the game have any kind of impact on you?


Baker- "No, I always knew they could do it.  You know, they could be a big time team and they're just proving it to everybody else this year."


WeAreSC- What other schools are you looking at besides USC right now?


Baker- "Ohio State, Florida, Oregon, and Nebraska right now."


WeAreSC- Do you have any leaders out of the group of schools that you're looking at?


Baker- "Ohio State, Florida, Oregon, and USC."


WeAreSC- Do you have any official visits set up?


Baker- "Yeah, like all five of them.  I'm going to Oregon the 13th through the 15th of December, then I'm supposed to go the 18th through the 21st to Washington, and then the second weekend of January I'm going to Ohio State, and the next weekend I'm going to Nebraska, and the next weekend I'm going to Florida."


WeAreSC- So you're not taking a visit to USC?


Baker- "Actually I might.  I might just re-schedule it."


WeAreSC- Who have you had in-home's with this week besides ASU?


Baker- "Oregon, Ohio State, Washington, Nebraska, and USC."


WeAreSC- I read tonight that your teammate, Chris Barrett, committed.  What do you think of that and will it have any influence on your decision?


Baker- "Oh, yeah, that's great for Chris.  It definitely will.  Yeah, all of the coaches went to his house after practice because we had practice, and they all went to his house and then they were coming to mine, and as soon as they left he called and told me he committed.  His mom was all excited and she talked to me about it.  It was one of those things where he's like, "Are you gonna do it, are you gonna do it?"  I was like ‘Nah,' because I promised my dad I wouldn't commit until he was there, and I want to take a couple of trips too."


WeAreSC- Which coaches came for your in-home from USC and how did it go?


Baker- "Coach Carroll and Coach Pola.  They did the normal kind of recruiting thing.  I asked a lot about who was going to be the quarterback and running back next year, and they were just telling me about that.  They just told me how I could fit in early and compete.  He never promises the job but he just said I have a chance to get early playing time and he was just telling me stuff like that." Top Stories