Shawn Crable talks about SC visit

Massillon (Ohio) Washington's Shawn Crable took his first official visit this past weekend to USC. The 6'6, 235 pound linebacker gives a detailed account of the trip and also has some news regarding some of the other recruits on the visit.

WeAreSC- How was the visit to USC this past weekend?


Crable- "It was pretty cool."


WeAreSC- Go through the weekend and talk about some of the things you did.


Crable- "I mean it was just a different city, from Ohio to there, it was just a totally different experience, with the palm trees, and the beaches, and the girls, the school atmosphere, and all of that.  It was just different.  Friday, we got there and we went to eat, had lobster and everything.  We met the players and stuff like that, and kind of just kicked it and saw how they do things.  Saturday, we went and did all of the school things, and had breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We had this dinner at this restaurant.  Oh it was a bad restaurant too, man, Papadakis'.  They started belly dancing and stuff like that.  It was pretty slick.  After that we went back to the hotel and played a little playstation and stuff like that and just competed at that.  Then we went to some party they were having out there.  Sunday, just got up, had breakfast and got on the plane and came back home."


WeAreSC- What are your overall impressions of the visit?


Crable- "It's a hard school, for real.  From talking to folks, just the whole atmosphere is just exciting.  If you're in that city, I don't see how you can be bored.  The only thing that would worry me is balancing school with all of the excitement.  You know, with all of the girls around you and stuff like that.  But everything they were saying sounded good, with the school, sports, and how they party and how they kick it.  All of it sounded nice."


WeAreSC- Who was your host?


Crable- "Alex [Holmes], the tight end.  He was a cool dude.  We did everything together.  He was real cool.  We did a lot of talking.  He took me to see a lot of things, a lot of places.  Kind of just showed me around, showed me how they get down.  The way we talked and stuff, it was like we knew each other.  The whole time it wasn't like I was there and he was just showing me around because he had to, he enjoyed it.  He was good company."


WeAreSC- Did you get an opportunity to sit down with the coaches and talk to them?


Crable- "Yeah, we sat down and went over linebacker stuff.  I sat down with Coach Carroll and we just kind of talked over things that they want to do.  How they see me, what position they see me playing, and stuff like that."


WeAreSC- Speaking of that, I know some people see you as a defensive end and others see you as a linebacker, what position did the coaches from USC talk to you about playing at and how might you fit in?


Crable- "They talked to me about playing linebacker and that's where I want to play.  I don't want to be a defensive end or middle linebacker, so the whole time I talked to the defensive coaches about that and we took it from there, about the schemes and everything.  The defense is similar to what we run now, so everything they were saying, I kind of knew what he was saying, I just had to get the terminology right.  Their terminology is different than ours, but everything they were running, I pretty much knew."


WeAreSC- While you were on the visit, did you get a chance to see the Coliseum?


Crable- "Yeah, we went in there and it was slick.  They showed us the locker room and everything, and how they walk down.  It was really amazing.  The way it's built and the tradition behind it is off the hook."


WeAreSC- Did you commit over the weekend?


Crable- "No."


WeAreSC- Do you know if any of the other recruits on the trip committed?


Crable- "I think six out of the eight committed.  Brian Soi and I were the only one's who didn't commit."


WeAreSC- Did the trip leave a positive impression on you?


Crable- "Yeah, it was totally different than what I expected.  I thought SC was going to be like a UCLA.  I thought it was going to be preppy and stuff like that.  L.A. is big, they have a lot of football teams, baseball teams, and all of that.  Just the way the USC people embrace their team, it was kind of different.  It reminds you of something like being in like a Michigan, somewhere where there's only that school.  Somewhere where you have no sports team or anything like that.  They just had that atmosphere even though they have all of these teams.  It kind of surprised me."


WeAreSC- Right now do you have a top-5 schools that you're looking at?


Crable- "I'm taking my visits to Michigan, Ohio State, USC, Miami, and Pitt.  I'm not saying those are my top one's because I don't really have any favorites."


WeAreSC- Do any of those schools stick out right now?


Crable- "USC probably, because I just went there."


WeAreSC- Have you been having a lot of in-home visits lately?


Crable- "I had two.  I had Michigan and Ohio State.  USC said they'd probably stop through sometime this week."


WeAreSC- Do you have any idea about when you want to end the process and decide on a school?


Crable- "I'm just going to take my visits and then sometime after I take my visits."


WeAreSC- How did your season end up this year?


Crable- "I don't have any of my numbers.  I think they're saving them for our banquet.  My season, it went pretty well.  We finished 11-3.  We did a lot of things better this year than last year, with our focus and how dedicated we were.  I think a lot of us learned from season.  We fell short in the State Semi's.  We lost 20-21 in overtime.  We didn't finish how we wanted to finish.  We should have been that team in the big dance." Top Stories