Quoting Carroll: Washington Post Game

The USC Trojans took care of business Saturday night at the Coliseum, dominating the Washington Huskies 56-0. SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with Pete Carroll after the game to get the coaches thoughts on the win and more.

Pete Carroll on the Trojans' win:

"It was a happy homecoming for us. It was a great opportunity to have it with everyone. We wanted it to be big for the seniors. I loved our effort today and our receivers had a great day. I thought we were great all around, minus the penalties. We really have a fantastic defensive group and they're taking the preparation from the week and putting it into the game. It was exciting to see so many of our young guys get in and to hold onto the shutout there at the end. It's really a source of pride for everyone."

Pete Carroll on the play of USC's defense:

"This is a fantastic group. It has just been about as salty as you can expect a defense to be…This best run that we have been on. I have always wondered what it would be like to coach a team that could do this, where you can keep going, week in and week out and just keeping giving up nothing. This is an exciting time for us and hopefully we can keep it going. I think the second half numbers are just ridiculous."

Pete Carroll on Patrick Turner:

"Patrick's become a real dominant football player for us. He's always played well for us, but he's really owning the football. He's older, more confident and has really become a go-to guy."

Pete Carroll on the play of Mark Sanchez:

"I thought Mark did a great job of moving the offense around and doing all of the things that he needed to do. He had a very sharp game."

Pete Carroll on Sanchez keeping his emotions under control:

"Mark is a really, really good football player, on the verge of being great. If something bad happens he needs to know that something good is coming. With all the good ones, every call means so much to them, so they always feel that extra pressure. He needs to understand that he's very good. He's an absolute joy to be around. He loves this game, he loves to compete, he great at it, and it's just like watching the painting being painted right in front of you."

Pete Carroll on Marc Tyler:

"We really wanted to take a good look at Marc Tyler and get him going. I think he looks like a really good football player. He's explosive, strong and creative. This was a good chance to get him going."

Pete Carroll on the play of Will Harris:

"Will Harris came in and played a very good football game tonight. He was active, he was aggressive, he almost had a couple of picks, and was all over the football. It was great to see Will do that. He's been waiting for his chances. He played very well last week, leading up to this game, and I thought he played a really, really sharp football game for us."

Pete Carroll on USC's preparation:

"I'm really proud of the way that our preparation is carrying over to the field in terms of our energy and intensity regardless of who we are playing or what the situation. That means that we are learning the philosophy and approach."

Pete Carroll on getting young players in the game:

"It was really exciting to see so many young guys get to play so much tonight here at the Coliseum. We tried to get everybody in there as best we could. To see the defensive guys go in there and hold onto the shutout is a source of a lot of pride in the locker room for all of these guys because everyone contributed."

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