Quoting Carroll: USC-Cal Post Game

The USC Trojans won a defensive battle Saturday night against the California Golden Bears, 17-3. Look inside to see what Pete Carroll had to say about the Trojans' win, the BCS and much more.

Pete Carroll on USC's 17-3 win over Cal:

"This was a really fun game to coach. I felt we did a good job moving the ball. We played under control and sustained some nice drives. The defense was playing like crazy-- lights out tonight. I really felt the game was more in control than the score showed. I love how our guys kept playing, but we were getting a bit over-aggressive at times keeping their drives alive. We have a high regard for Cal and to hold them the way we did tonight is a major accomplishment."

Pete Carroll on the play of Taylor Mays:

"Taylor was all over the place. He knocked a bunch of balls out and was helping everywhere. Don't throw it down field because he'll knock you out. His experience is really showing and he's just plowing people."

Pete Carroll on the BCS:

"I'm not going to campaign. The thing I fear is that it sounds like I am bellyaching about it. I could care less about it. We just have to go win our games, and the system is what the system is. At the end of it, we will see what it means."

Pete Carroll when asked about needing to win with style points:

"It's not ever the way we think. I don't care about style points and never have for all the years we have been here. We try and win football games. I don't care about trying to impress anybody. We are going to try and play good football, do good stuff, win, and if we do that and they don't like it, I could care less."

Pete Carroll on USC's penalty problems:

I was fighting like heck trying to get calls our way, but we had some obvious calls. It is a concern and we are on it. It hasn't cost us games, but it could."

Pete Carroll on the play of USC's defense:

"I think the story of this night is about our defense again. Our guys just keep playing quarter after quarter and they don't give up anything. I don't think we have ever had a stretch like this that has been so consistent. We have a chance to be a really good team with this defense. They give us a chance to win every game."

Pete Carroll on Cal's defense:

"They are good. They are real good. They do good stuff and we were very wary of them making their interceptions and taking the ball away from us. We took that into account and it's why you saw more of an underneath passing game today. We didn't take a lot of shots at these guys because they have been just stealing the ball away from everybody. Mark (Sanchez) did a great job of carrying out the game plan in that regard."

Pete Carroll on the play of USC's offense:

"It got shaky at times, but I thought we ran it consistently. You have to give Cal credit for some of that. To have no interceptions tonight is an accomplishment, especially against that defense. I liked how we played tough."

Pete Carroll on USC's conservative game plan:

"We were very concerned about their defense taking the football away from us. Mark (Sanchez) was schooled all week long to not take any chances down the field, and don't feel bad about dumping the ball off or throwing the ball away. I thought he did a beautiful job of that tonight and kept the ball away from them."

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