Green, Carroll Shed Light on Transfer

On Monday, Pete Carroll and Broderick Green shed some light on the factors behind Green's decision to transfer. Look inside for all the details.

After Monday's practice, USC Head Coach Pete Carroll talked about the reasons behind Broderick Green's decision to transfer.

"We have been working through this for a while," Carroll said. "We had real good communication throughout and this is what he wants to do now. We actually talked about it for a couple weeks."

While a lack of playing time undoubtedly played a role in Green's decision to leave the program, Carroll stressed that family issues were the main factor.

"He's got family issues, stuff he wants to take care of so I support him totally," said Carroll. "I care a bunch about him doing what he needs to do.

"He has been a really good kid in the program, and I have been really close to him throughout the recruiting process and all that."

In an interview with on Monday, Green shed some light on the factors behind his decision.

"There are some family problems I think I need to be around for. My mother and grandmother are both sick and my mom is going though some other stuff," Green told "They both live alone and I just don't like being so far away from them. I need to be back closer to home so I can take care of them.

"This is not a thing where I am trying to get away from USC," Green added. "I love it out here and I have learned a lot, but I just need to be closer to home for my family."

Green had 32 carries for 168 yards and three touchdowns in limited action for USC this season.

Broderick Green during offseason workouts at USC.
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