Quoting Carroll: USC-ND Postgame

The Trojans cruised to their seventh straight win over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Saturday Night with a dominating 38-3 victory. Look inside to see what Pete Carroll had to say about USC's big win and much more.

Pete Carroll on USC's seniors:

"What a terrific night for our seniors. We wanted this to be a great experience for the seniors tonight, and it's great to go out as Pac-10 champs. The seniors have been a huge part of our success over the past few years. They've given so much to this program, and I'm glad they've been able to receive so much as well. I couldn't be more proud of all these guys, of what they've accomplished, of playing with purpose."

Pete Carroll on the pregame altercation:

"It was most unfortunate, and it has never happened before. It just wasn't very well coordinated tonight. It seemed that the teams had very little room and we have to do a better job of keeping separation between the two. We had a referee crew that was unfamiliar with our normal operation, so that may have contributed. For the most part, our guys were having fun with it, jawing a little bit."

Pete Carroll on the play of USC's defense against Notre Dame:

"We just didn't give up many yards tonight. We continually controlled the line of scrimmage. Notre Dame is a very good passing team and it just seemed that series after series, it just wasn't happening for them. We played a very well rounded game."

Pete Carroll on the performance of the defense in 2008:

"We are playing the best we have ever played. I loved the defenses that we had in 2003, and the next couple of year's, but nobody has ever played any better for us than these guys are playing. You can't score on them."

Pete Carroll on Joe McKnight's 55-yard touchdown run.

"I think my favorite moment of the night was Joe (McKnight) running. That was an awesome highlight. He made it last as long as he could. He was weaving over here and cutting over there. I loved it."

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