Quoting Carroll: UCLA Edition

The USC Trojans will face their crosstown rival UCLA Bruins on Saturday, and a win would send the Trojans back to the Rose Bowl. Look inside to see what Pete Carroll had to say about the crosstown rivalry and more.

Pete Carroll on finishing the regular season against Notre Dame and UCLA:

"This is a really cool week to finish off the season. Last week, when you have a chance to play your big rivalries at the end of the season back to back, it just adds to the excitement and the fun, the buildup to the finish of the season. So we look at this opportunity now as truly a conference championship opportunity for us. So, as we have done, we're going to go at this with everything that we have and put together a great plan in all phases and try to get ourselves a win here at the Rose Bowl and see if we can't finish on a really high note."

Pete Carroll on the USC-UCLA rivalry:

"This is a great rivalry. This is one that is so close to home, even in home rivalries, with people who went to both schools, all that, I think it makes it really fun. It's a thrill to be part of it. We hope to make it a great event and have a lot of fun during the week as we prepare….This is the classic crosstown rivalry. You know, I don't know how it ranks. I know in California it's as good as it gets. It's an awesome spectacle. Everybody loves it. Everybody talks about it all year long. Both schools take great pride in owning the upper hand. It's worth everything to our fans and our alums and all of that."

Pete Carroll on the play of UCLA QB Kevin Craft:

"He's been a very accurate short range thrower. They've featured a ton of short and midrange passes. They've tried to move the ball and control the ball with that. Norm has done that for years, knows how to do that. He's brought Kevin all the way from the bottom of the depth chart all the way to the top of it, found a way to get him to contribute. He has good legs, runs well with the ball when he takes off and runs. They use him out of the pocket on the nakeds, contain passes and stuff, and he's effective out there. He's still a young starter for them, learning the game. They've had some problems with their turnovers."

Pete Carroll on UCLA defensive linemen Brian Price and Brigham Harwell:

"Both of those guys are good. They attack the line of scrimmage really well, they are really physical and they make plays. Particularly Brian (Price), he makes the plays when he's there. He doesn't just get in the backfield and cause problems; he finishes them of really well, which means he's a really good player."

Pete Carroll on UCLA defensive coordinator DeWyane Walker:

"DeWayne Walker is a really good football coach. He knows what he's doing. He has had tremendous success. He's got a lot of stuff up his sleeve he can pull out. He's got a great background in style of defense that can give you problems."

Pete Carroll on USC's defensive performance against Notre Dame:

"It was almost a perfect game. We gave up one explosion play in the game, which is really hard to get through a college football game without giving up one of those plays. I think they had four first downs and one of them was by penalty or something like that. So it was a huge effort by the guys."

The Trojans will wear their Cardinal jerseys against UCLA (Getty Images/Jed Jacobsohn)

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