Q & A with Desmond Reed

WeAreSC caught up with Temple City's Desmond Reed. The 5'9, 175 lb cornerback prospect has scheduled some official visits now that his season has come to an end. Has he set one up to USC?

WeAreSC- Talk a little about your how your season ended up?


Reed- "We lost in the second round to Serra, but it was a fun season.  We came back around after we were 1-3 to begin the season, and we ended up competing for league.  In the fourth game of league, we lost to Monrovia in the league championship game."


WeAreSC- Do you have any of your stats on the year?


Reed- "I know I had 9 interceptions.  I don't have any of my other stats here."


WeAreSC- How's your recruitment been coming along?


Reed- "Pretty well.  I've been setting up some visits."


WeAreSC- What schools are you looking at right now?


Reed- "USC, Boise State, Colorado State, Washington, and Hawaii."


WeAreSC- Who's offered out of that group?


Reed- "They all have."


WeAreSC- Does any school or schools stand out?


Reed- "No."


WeAreSC- You mentioned that you've been setting up some visits.  Where have you scheduled visits to?


Reed- "I start off with Boise State this weekend, and then I have USC on January 10th, Washington on the 17th, and I think Colorado State."


WeAreSC- Have you had any in-home visits yet?


Reed- "Yeah, USC and Boise State."


WeAreSC- What coach came over from USC and how did that go?


Reed- "Coach Sarkisian.  I found out a lot about the school and the different programs, the business programs and things like that.  A lot of information." 


WeAreSC- At what position have the USC coaches talked to you about playing at?


Reed- "Corner, and maybe return some punts and kickoffs.  They said I have a shot at playing."


WeAreSC- Have you talked to Coach Carroll lately?


Reed- "Yeah, I just talked to him yesterday I think.  He was just making sure I was still coming down for a visit, and making sure I'm doing all right and things like that, in the classroom."


WeAreSC- Did you go to any of the USC games at the end of the season?


Reed- "Yeah, I went to the Notre Dame game.  The atmosphere was nice.  I thought it was going to be a closer game than that, especially how Notre Dame came out at the beginning of the game.  It seemed like they had the momentum but USC put a stop to that."


WeAreSC- Did you pay attention to the corners at the games you've been to? 


Reed- "Yeah, I watch Darrell Rideaux and Marcell Allmond, so I try and figure out how to play in certain situations and things like that."


WeAreSC- What are you going to be looking for on your visits that might influence your decision?


Reed- "I'll be looking at the business programs, the environment, and everything like that.  Also, the Coaching staff and if I can play, you know."


WeAreSC- What are you up to now that your season is over?


Reed- "Just lifting and running pretty much.  Trying to stay in shape.  Trying to get bigger and faster."


WeAreSC- Do you still plan on taking all of your visits before you commit anywhere?


Reed- "Yeah, I do."

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