Boselli talks about the Trojans

Tony Boselli was a two-time All-American offensive tackle at USC who played from 1991-94. He was the #2 overall pick in the 1995 NFL draft by the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars and was also the first selection of his current team, the expansion Houston Texans. In this interview Boselli gives his thoughts on the state of the Trojan program.

"Big news from this weekend, what do you think about Carson winning the Heisman?"


"I think it's exciting, I think he deserved it.  He proved this year that he was the best player in college football by playing against the best competition and doing it week in and week out.  It's just real exciting to win it again, it's been a while for SC."


"You attended the USC vs Washington game this year, talk about some of the changes you saw with this team."


"The one thing I'm probably the most proud about is the way they play football, how hard they play.  They're very physical and they get after people.  You could see it right away even last year when Coach Carroll first got here.  Even though we lost some close games you could see the difference in the attitude of the team.  It's to the point where USC is back where it should be as one of the top programs and I think what Coach Carroll has done is just going to build up in the years to come."


"How did he get them playing so hard?"


"I think just his enthusiasm for the game of football.  Obviously he's a great coach and teacher but he just brings so much enthusiasm and energy along with that.  The players know that he genuinely cares about them and when a guy knows that and he sees the coach with so much enthusiasm it naturally makes you want to go play for that guy and play hard."


"You told the team that the USC pride has returned for Trojan players in the NFL.  How important is that?"


"It's huge.  Anyone who has ever spent time in an NFL locker room knows how important bragging rights are during college football, all week guys are talking smack about who's going to win, which program is better.  To be able to hold our heads up high is nice.  There were a few leans years there where we couldn't talk much because we couldn't back it up but with the things they've done this year and the way they've played it's good to be in that position in the locker room, it's good to be a Trojan right now."


"Has it been nice to have another Trojan like Billy Miller there to talk smack with?"


"Yeah, we would've backed each other up no matter what, even if we weren't winning.  There's been times…let's just say I've always been proud of my school even if we weren't doing good but it makes it that much more fun when we're doing great."


"Talk about the impact of the offensive line on the team's success this year."


"The first thing obviously is they are very well coached.  The biggest difference I feel from the way they have played in recent years is they are being real physical.  They're running the ball and they're really giving Carson a lot of time back there.  If you look at the first couple of years for Carson he didn't really have a lot of time, he got hit and beat up quite a bit.  I think the guys up front took some pride in stepping up and they've done a great job."


"Talk about the tackles Jacob Rogers and Winston Justice."


"Winston, he's obviously got a great career ahead of him.  To come in as a freshman and do what he did, his future is very bright.  The thing to watch when someone has success early, the difference between guys who have an all right career and the guys who make it to that next level is the want to.  The guys who want to work hard, continue to get better, get into the weight room.  If he does all that he has a chance to be a real good player.  Jacob has done a good job all year, he's a big guy and he's solid.  Both those guys are a good pair of bookends for Carson, that left tackle spot is so important because he's protecting the back side.  Those guys can take pride because the key for a quarterback to put up those kind of numbers is to be comfortable in the pocket.  That starts with the offensive line, especially your tackles."


"USC went from worst to first in sacks allowed in the Pac-10."


"That's a lot of hard work.  It's good coaching and it's timing with the offense because everybody feels more comfortable.  It takes a lot of things for something like that to happen.  One thing about sacks, the offensi Top Stories