Damon Jenkins interview

Damon Jenkins, 5'11, 178 lbs, is one prospect who has jumped up on the Trojan wish list recently. The speedy De La Salle corner routinely shut down opposing receivers this past season and helped the Spartans take another C.I.F. title. Here's the latest on his recruitment.

WeAreSC- I saw where you beat San Leandro in the finals to win another championship.  How does it feel to have finished your senior season, knowing that you helped keep that winning streak alive and that you were a part of another C.I.F title team?


Jenkins- "I mean, it felt pretty good.  I've been out there for the past three years, so it was kind of exciting, but it was kind of sad, being that this is my last year to be a part of this program."


WeAreSC- How did you do in that last game?


Jenkins- "I had 1 interception and 6 tackles I think.  In the past games I haven't been thrown at that much."


WeAreSC- What schools are you looking at right now?


Jenkins- "So far I've heard from Washington State, Fresno State, USC, Montana State, and Washington.  Washington State and Fresno State have offered." 


WeAreSC- Do you have any favorites out of that group?


Jenkins- "I don't really have an order, but my Top 5 are USC, Washington State, Washington, Fresno State,…and that's about it."


WeAreSC- Have you set up any official visits?


Jenkins- "I'm supposed to take an official next week to Washington, after that on January 10th I have Fresno State, then on the 17th I go to USC, and then on the 24th I go to Washington State."


WeAreSC- Talk about what has you interested in USC.


Jenkins- "I really like the coaching staff so much since I've talked to them on the phone and everything, so I really want to meet the coaching staff in person.  And then just their play, when I've watched them on T.V., the way they play is exciting."


WeAreSC- Which coaches from the Trojan staff do you keep in contact with?


Jenkins- "I've talked to Coach Pete Carroll a couple of times, I've talked to the DB coach, Coach Burns, once or twice, and I talked to the recruiting coordinator.  Coach Carroll talked about how he liked my play on the field and everything.  He just likes the way I play.  They just say I'm a complete corner and that all I have to do is pass my SAT and they'll offer me."


WeAreSC- You mentioned that you've seen some USC games on T.V.  What do you think of that defense from what you've seen?


Jenkins- "I like the defense.  I feel I'd fit in fine there.  I feel I'd fit in fine everywhere because of the type of defense I like to play.  I could see myself playing there."


WeAreSC- I noticed that you and Maurice Drew are both taking your officials to USC on the same weekend.  Do you guys ever talk about going to the same school and is that a possibility?


Jenkins- "Yeah, it's a possibility.  It's a possibility that we could go to USC.  We're both taking a trip up there.  We're interested in going to the same school.  We plan on committing on the same day too.  We might commit on signing day, but we're not too sure yet."


WeAreSC- When you go on these visits, what are you going to be looking for that will help your decision?


Jenkins- "Pretty much the comfort zone and the leadership of the team.  I'll try and compare it to a family as a team, because being at De La Salle, I'm so used to the community atmosphere and everybody being together.  We all have that one goal in mind and that's to win."


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