Quoting Carroll: Rose Bowl Edition

Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans will face Penn State and coaching legend Joe Paterno on New Year's Day. Look inside to see what Carroll has to say about the Rose Bowl, Joe Paterno and much more.

Pete Carroll on coaching against Joe Paterno:

"To have a chance to work against and coach against Coach Paterno is a great honor. We are going to give them everything we got, but we know we are up against the best of all time…. He's stood for college football and for football in general as a true icon in every sense of the word. He's brought a tremendous energy and spirit to football and a love of the game that will last forever."

Pete Carroll on PSU defensive end Aaron Maybin:

"Anytime you have a guy that plays so hard and so consistently, you know, you have to be aware of them all the time, and so in protections and in the scheme of things, we got to know where he is. He's one of those classy pass rush guys that I'm really concerned about the fact that he brings it play after play. So you always have to know, play actions and things like that. He really has an instinct for attack the line of scrimmage, and he's got really good speed and all of the things that premiere pass rushers have. You know, they don't move him around where you can't find him. We know where he is. It's very apparent that he can disrupt a game by himself."

Pete Carroll on the absences of Stanley Havili:

"He's a very, very good football player for us. The situation was he's been hurt, and he was hurt going in two weeks -- the last two weeks. So we haven't been practicing with him prior to that. So we were preparing whether or not he would be in the game physically. It didn't affect us that part of it, but Stanley has been a great football player for us. Done a lot of really good things. Liked the variety of things he can do. We're going to use three guys in the spot to take care of where Stanley normally does by himself."

Pete Carroll on PSU wide receiver Derrick Williams:

"The thing that's exciting about their offense is the way they use Derrick Williams. And we know Derrick. We recruited him way back when and watched him come out of high school as an all-around athlete. They've obviously recognized that and moved him all around. He's the problem for us. They have some other guys that do a nice job, but Derrick is the problem because like when we saw the Reggie Bush offense where you can make the guy a running back and receiver and lineup as a back but do receiver things, that gives a defense a lot of problems."

Pete Carroll on the defensive matchup in the Rose Bowl:

"I think this is really a cool match-up because it is just so dead even on all categories. Every statistic is right there one way or another. It is crazy how even it is. They've had a terrific season and we've had a terrific season. Now we get to go battle it out and see what happens."

Pete Carroll is looking for another Rose Bowl victory. (Nathaniel Greenbaum Photo)

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