Lamarr Woodley update

Lamarr Woodley is one of the highest rated players in the country and he gives his thoughts on the Trojan linebacker position and the opportunity to compete for a national title.

"I'm still down to USC and Michigan and you can add Michigan State in there as well.  They all have real good atmosphere, all of them really are loud places, you go to the games and they are loud.  I guess the big difference is that Michigan just has more people in the stands. 


I first got interested in USC because of the linebackers.  You know, the #55, that's a special number there.  Only special people wear that number, good linebackers like Junior Seau and Chris Claiborne.  Claiborne left in 1997 and I guess nobody has worn that number since then.  They want to see what kind of player you are in your first year and if you're any good they give you #55.  I told them that would be a nice honor if that happened but I'll take any number, give me #56 or something and I'll make that the special number.  They do a lot of rushing on that defense and that's what I do now so I'd fit right in.  They do some dropping, some rushing, a lot of different things.  I heard I'm the top recruiting priority, it was shocking to hear that but it's real nice. 


I want the opportunity to win a national championship, what can I say?  If I go to USC they got a good chance to win it because they got a lot of players coming back, if I go to Michigan there's a good chance of going to the national championship too.  Michigan State, you can't too much say right now, they're in a little bit of a downfall.  Either of those first two schools though you're like guaranteed of going for the national championship." Top Stories