Coaches, Players React to Sanchez Departure

The departure of USC quarterback Mark Sanchez has caused a stir in the media, and a quarterback battle to replace the talent signal-caller. Look inside to See what Pete Carroll, Aaron Corp and Mitch Mustain have to say about Sanchez and more.

Pete Carroll on Mark Sanchez:

"I love Mark. Mark is an awesome kid and I love everything about him. And during this process we went deep and hard into all the facts and the information from our perspective was just compelling for him to stay. But he wanted to go for it. I feel that whenever we take a guy through this program, we're trying to help them maximize and get the very most out of them. I feel like that may have come up short in that regard. But the other side of it, you gotta love him for what he's going for too… The decision was compelling in the other way so I had to make sure that I really drove the point home to him because I thought it was that obvious that he needed to know it. So, we got that done. And when we finished up last night I saw his resolve and his understanding of it. I could see his heart thumping about it and he wanted to go. We're going to do everything we can to help him get prepared as we go forward."

Pete Carroll when asked if he was angered by Sanchez's decision:

"I'm not angry about it. I had just competed to get the message across and I had to go hard. I had to work it hard to get that done. I think it's important and I wanted to be very forthcoming about the position of it because I need to continue to teach the other people that come through the program so they understand what's going on and we'll see what happens. It may turn out beautifully for him, we just have to wait and see. I'm hoping for the very best for Mark."

Pete Carroll on the future at quarterback:

"After signing day, we will sit down as a staff take a close look at these players and start getting ready for spring. What this does is creates an opportunity for the next guys. All three of these guys have come here to really go for it and be everything that you can be here at USC. Now there opportunity just became wide open. They are going to jump into this thing and see what they can do with it….When you look at the guys that are here, and then you add Matt Barkley to it, we are very fortunate that we have players of this caliber. It will be a thrilling competition to see what happens."

Mitch Mustain on Sanchez leaving and the QB battle:

"I don't think it's too much of a surprise. It's nice to know that opportunity is there. I feel pretty comfortable. Last year was the first year that I got the game plan experience from beginning to end. We've run all the plays, being able to go into the game plan and go out, and being able to experience that a little so I feel a lot better. That's what we came here for. I don't think any of us are going to shy away from it. It's exciting and I look forward to it."

Aaron Corp on Sanchez leaving for the NFL draft:

"First off, congratulations to Mark. I think he deserves it, and it will be a good thing for him, and now it's an incredible opportunity for me. This is why I came here. It's a lot of work involved but I am really excited and I can't wait to get going. Coming off of this season, and heading into spring practice I feel really comfortable."

Offensive Coordinator John Morton on the returning talent on offense:

"Everbody is back except Patrick Turner and Mark (Sanchez). We have some great players here. They have lost guys here in the past, you just reload and go. I am excited about this year."

Stafon Johnson on the departure of Sanchez:

"He has an opportunity to reach the goals that he wants to reach. Of course, he didn't do the things that he wanted to do here, but for the most part he had a great career here. It's the opportunity of a lifetime, who wouldn't take it?"

Mitch Mustain and Aaron Corp are the front-runners to replace Mark Sanchez at QB.

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