Wright on Track

After having his 2008 season shortened due to a season-ending injury, Shareece Wright started rehab this week and is determined to return to action this spring. Look inside for more on the talented cornerback.

The 2008 season didn't go quite as Shareece Wright had envisioned it.

The talented cornerback from Colton secured a starting spot on USC's vaunted defense in the spring, and was poised to have a breakout season for the Trojans, but had his year cut short due to an injury.

"Last year I was the most excited ever during spring because it was my time, my opportunity," Wright said. "I couldn't wait to go to practice every day"

Wright's enthusiasm quickly turned to frustration when he suffered a hairline fracture in one of his vertebrae during USC's 35-3 blowout victory against Ohio State, which forced him to watch the remainder of the 2008 season from the sidelines.

"Being a competitor, you always want to play," Wright said. "You miss everything, practicing; all that good stuff and it was just one of those things you have to learn from.

"When I come back, it's going to mean that much more to me. It's going to raise my ability a whole lot because I know what it's like not to be playing. Every play I'm going to try to make the best out of it."

Wright carried that fire with him this week as he began rehabbing his injury with the hopes of returning to action this spring.

"I got an x-ray on Wednesday and my bone didn't show displacement. So far so it's all looking good," he said. "You know, as far as my neck, it feels good. There's a little bit of tenderness on the right side but other than that there's no pain really.

"I definitely want to be back full go in spring and that's the goal for us. I think I will be able to make it as long as I go to rehab every day."

Wright said he was thrilled to see Rocky Seto, a man that has taught him about life and football, take over as the new defensive coordinator.

"We are proud of him and happy that he stayed. We love working with him," Wright said of Seto. "As DB's we know how talented he is. We are very excited for him to show his skills and show what he knows.

"I know it's a big step for him and I'm sure he is going to make the best out of it."

With Taylor Mays returning for his senior season, Josh Pinkard optimistic about receiving a sixth year of eligibility and Wright coming back from injury, the secondary will be the strength of USC's defense in 2009.

"We are going to have a lot of veteran guys with me, Kevin Thomas, and Taylor Mays coming back and Will Harris did a good job finishing up the season," Wright said. We are all really pumped up about it, we know our defense is going to be solid because we have Coach Carroll, and he knows how to work it."

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