Reggie Bush trip update

Helix HS running back Reggie Bush took an official visit to USC this weekend and we caught up with his father to get a reaction on how the trip went:

Interview with Reggie Bush's father, Lamar Griffin


Q: How was your trip to USC this weekend?

A: It was cool…The team was really cool, I didn't know they were a private school.


Q: Is that a positive thing?

A: Oh yeah definitely positive. Private schools take care of business, like Stanford and Notre Dame


Q:  Can you tell me what the highlights of your trip were?

A: The coaches were cool. I really liked meeting all the coaches….. coach Holt, coach Pola, coach Carroll, all really cool.


Q: Did you learn about the USC academics?

A: Definitely, well you know USC is one of the top five medicine schools in the entire country. They have an excellent football team and have a very good track team. And that's what Reggie wants to do, is play football and run track. He was pretty impressed with the school.


Q:  Does Reggie have a leader at this point?

A: No not yet, he likes the school (USC), my wife and I like the school.  USC has a legacy of Heisman running backs, so that's a good thing and there's a huge Trojan alumni. So I like the school, but I don't have to go there.


Q: When will Reggie decide?

A: Probably in the end of January.


Q: Did the coaches mention the possibility of early PT?

A: Yes, They said if he chooses USC, he will play right away.


Q:  Is that something Reggie is looking for?

A: Yeah sure. Why not? A true freshman playing college football, making an impact.  .I think he's looking forward to playing wherever he goes.  I don't think he'll be redshirting.


Q: Who was Reggie's host?

A: The tight end (Alex Holmes).


Q:  Did Reggie get along with his host?

A: Oh definitely, they really took care of him. They answered all of his questions and really respected him and he respected them, so it was a pretty nice trip.


Q: Is distance going to be a factor in choosing a college?

A: I mean I'm sure a kid who's grown up in CA, with the weather, Of course It would be nice to have people see you play. When you score your first touchdown and you look up and see your mom and dad and all your family cheering you on, it makes you feel good. Instead of being at Notre Dame, and I'm not picking on them, don't get me wrong, but you look up and wave at the camera. So that's a big difference. I'm sure he's thinking about it. I haven't really picked his brain and I'm not going to right now.  I'll let him talk to god and see what he has to say.


Q:  Can you give me a couple of thoughts on the other main schools that Reggie is looking at right now?

A: On Notre Dame:

"Well you know, they have a legacy too. They make movies about Notre Dame. That's a big-time football town. The alumni are big at ND too.



"It's just a good, good school. They alumni are big there too. It's private and they take care of business at Stanford."



"I don't know too much about Washington. I know my cousin went there. It's a decent school too, but you have to consider the weather out there. " Top Stories