Quoting Carroll: Offensive Recruits

The USC Trojans brought in another star-studded recruiting class headlined by quarterback Matt Barkley. See what Pete Carroll has to say about the recruits on the offensive side of the ball.

Pete Carroll on Matt Barkley:

"Offensively, when you start off with the best player in the country at quarterback in Matt Barkley – and he's already here in school – that's an extraordinary boost to your class and a great starting point. We're thrilled to have him here and he's already working and will be in the thick of the quarterback competition."

Pete Carroll on Devon Flournoy:

"The receiver from Birmingham High School, De'Von Flournoy is an extraordinary dynamic receiver. He's a big-play guy with great speed. Makes all kind of plays and is a terrific kick returner as well. He makes plays on defense as well. We want him as a wide receiver in the Z spot and we're really pumped about him. He's a track guy and very fast. He's explosive on the field and on film. I really love the way he plays."

Pete Carroll on Kevin Graf:

"Kevin Graf is a big kid that's been around our program for years. I think he was coming to the 8th-grade camps when he was in 4th grade he was such a big kid. He's been around us forever. He comes from an SC family. His brother (Derek) played here his dad (Allan) played here, offensive linemen from the day they were born. Kevin is a great kid, playing basketball for Agoura now. We expect him to come in as a tackle. He's one of the most complete players that we've had at the offensive line at this early age and a great deal of credit goes to his coaches of course, but also from the upbringing from his family and the camps, he's really well equipped and can vie for the best kid at his position with anyone in the country. We're really thrilled about him."

Pete Carroll on John Martinez:

"John Martinez comes from Utah, a kid we'll play at center. He grabbed our attention early on because he's an extraordinary effort guy. He played very much like Jeff Byers did when he captured our attention long ago in that he finishes and runs down field and makes hits and shows great versatility to play all the positions on the line. But we talked to John from the beginning about being a center and he's championed the cause. He was the No. 1 guard in the country on some scales throughout the recruiting preparation. He's a great kid and a very tough hombre and we're really fired up about him."

Pete Carroll on Simione Vehikite:

"Simione Vehikite is the first time in a while where we've hit a fullback. We're thrilled about getting that done. He's a guy that played a lot of defense as well as running back as well as true fullback. He was a nose tackle at one school, then transferred and when the coaches found out he could run fast and was versatile, they made him a running back and he blasted on the scene in one year's time. Kenny (Norton) found him out there in the islands when he was out recruiting and he fell in love with Simi and he's coming in truly as a fullback. We've had a hard time finding guys that fit the bill, but Simi is one of those guys. He comes here with an opportunity to do that, of course, and also be a special teams kid because of all the work he's had at linebacker."

Pete Carroll on Jacob Harfman:

"To finish out that side of the ball, any time you have a chance to get a kicker and a punter combined, it's an enormous advantage for us. Jake Harfman is that guy. He comes from Mt. Sac and will definitely be able to compete on kickoffs, placekicks and punting. What we do know is that Jake has an enormous leg and as we've grown accustomed to David Buehler and the big booming kicks, Jake does all of that. He'll at least do that and will vie for placekicking and punting. We're really fired up about that. It's a great boost to our special teams."

Kevin Graf comes from an SC family. His father, Allan, and brother, Derek, both played
at USC.

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