Quoting Carroll: Defensive Recruits

The USC Trojans 2009 recruiting class is filled with potential stars like T.J. McDonald, Devon Kennard, Jarvis Jones and Patrick Hall. Look inside to see what Pete Carroll had to say about the defensive players that committed to USC.

Pete Carroll on James Boyd:

"The first player – and talk about a dynamic football player and athlete – from L.A. Jordan High, James Boyd is an extraordinary kid. I don't know how much you know about him, but to know he was an MVP in his league as a quarterback, and also caught passes and ran the ball and played WR and TE and was an extraordinarily effective DE and rusher. And he is leading his league in scoring and rebounding. He's an extraordinary athlete. We've never had a guy who could do that much coming to play defensive end here. I look back to all the guys we've had that have played so well and try to think of Kenechi (Udeze) being a quarterback or Lawrence Jackson being a leading scorer in basketball. This is a very skilled athlete and we're really pumped about him that's he coming and looking forward to all the things he brings. He's a very well rounded athlete."

Pete Carroll on Kevin Greene:

"Kevin Greene is a guy we recruited out of San Francisco. He's a guy that played defensive end spot. We've seen him run very, very fast. He's got great speed and size. He could play defensive end and outside linebacker, he's got that kind of body type at 6-3, 237. He could play both and we'll see how he fits in. He runs so fast and gets up the field rushing the passer. You never have enough guys that can do that. Kevin is also a really good basketball player and a kid we're fired up about."

Pete Carroll on Patrick Hall:

"Patrick Hall is one of the most diversified athletes and dynamic kids you could imagine. He can play everything. We saw him years ago as a linebacker. The first time we ever saw him he was an undersized linebacker as a sophomore. But he showed all of the instincts and nose for the football and the savvy that great players have. He's been a running back, a wide receiver, he's played safety, corner and linebacker. He's a tremendous kick returner. We want to see him on the defensive side of the ball, but it won't take us long to continue to find ways and experiment with him in terms of getting the ball in his hands. He's one of the fastest kids we've seen in a long time."

Pete Carroll on Torin Harris:

"The next guy, from Las Vegas, is Torin Harris. He's in the mold of Kevin Thomas and Terrell Thomas. Tall, long, real fast. Ran a 10.6 as a junior last year. He's got great speed. Of course, in his offense, he played running back and caught the pass, returned kicks. Lot of big plays on the defensive side. He's a really, really gifted athlete. He's one of those guys who can do a lot of stuff. We're going to feature him at a corner. He looks perfect."

Pete Carroll on Byron Moore

"Byron Moore, from Narbonne High, will also come in and play corner. He's another guy that did everything. He played all over the football field for his team. He's got great ability, speed and is a dynamic player. He scores touchdowns from everywhere, catches passes, runs out of the backfield. Played safety and corner in high school and is an extraordinarily gifted kid that gives us great diversity. He does all the things that you want a terrific football player to do. He's a big get."

Pete Carroll on T.J. McDonald

"Safety T.J. McDonald from Edison High in Fresno. This kid is just a prototype looking safety. He looks just like the kids we've had the last few years. He's over 6-2 and 218 pounds already. He's a gifted player and student, a great leader and just everything you're looking for. His dad played here at USC, Tim McDonald, who played when I was coaching at the 49ers. They are the spitting image of each other. They are the same size and stature and playmaking ability and leadership qualities and all those things."

Pete Carroll on Devon Kennard:

"The No. 1 rated defensive end in the country Devon Kennard is an extraordinary football player. You think of a defensive end you think of a guy just rushing the passer. He can cover, he can rush, he's a great edge rush guy. He can play one-on-one coverage on tight ends and shadow receivers when he has to. He's played on the offensive side of the ball. He's just a gifted player who has a tremendous upside and we think he's got a chance to help us right away and be a factor in our rush corps from the beginning. We're really excited about what he brings us."

Pete Carroll on Hebron Fangupo:

"Defensive Tackle Hebron Fangupo is a kid who comes to us from Mt. Sac JC. He's a very active player. He's 320 pounds and has great size and quickness. He's got really good quickness at the line of scrimmage. His initial quickness is there, a kind of explosion and play-making ability that you love. It's coincidental that an opportunity opens up at the 3-technique with Fili (Moala) taking off. Here comes another 300-pound kid that can come in and fit the bill. We'll work him at both tackle spots but we'd love to see him compete at that spot and see how he fits in. We see him as a pass rusher as well as a run defender. We love that he's got the girth already and that he's a very explosive player."

Pete Carroll on Marquis Simmons:

"A local kid coming from Dominguez is Marquis Simmons. He's been a star player for his school for a number of years. He's been a leading tackler and a guy that makes everything happen. He's an obvious penetrator and a guy that blitzes very well. He's an outside speed guy and runs sideline to sideline and a kid we've watched grow up in the program. He's (former Trojan) Melvin Simmons' little brother. We've known the family for a long time. We're excited about Marquis coming in."

Pete Carroll on Jarvis Jones:

"Also at linebacker from Columbus, Ga., is Jarvis Jones. He's an amazing player. He's got great size. He's 6-3, 230-something pounds. He's an all-around athlete. Explosive, dynamic, an excellent basketball player and might have a chance to play on the basketball team. He's that dynamic. He attacks and rushes up the field. He's a great blitzer and cover guy and we're ecstatic that we're able to get Jarvis. We think he'll have a chance to play and contribute and compete for playing time immediately when he gets here.

Pete Carroll on Frankie Telfort:

"Another really exciting player for us that we see as a WIL linebacker where Kaluka Maiava and Keith Rivers played for us is Frankie Telfort from Miami. He's the first kid we've recruited from Miami. He's very, very fast. He ran under 4.4 a couple of weeks ago at his workouts. He's so explosive and is such a feisty kid. He's a kid that led their football team as the playcaller on defense. He's got an enormous understanding of defensive football and adjustments that would knock you out. Like way beyond anybody we've ever talked to about understanding how to make checks and audibles and how to change defenses. He talks like he's a junior or senior in college and maybe even more than that. We're thrilled about him. He's a guy that wants to be a doctor and go to med school."

Note: There are no quotes on USC commit Jawanza Starling because his Letter of Intent wasn't in at the time of Pete Carroll's press conference.

Defensive end James Boyd has the potential to be a special player at USC.

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