Q&A with USC's Aaron Corp

With the quarterback battle ready to heat up this spring, SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with Aaron Corp to get his thoughts on the upcoming competition and much more. Look inside for the details.

Q: How have things changed for you since Mark Sanchez's announcement that he was entering the NFL Draft?

A: Preparation wise, in my mind, not a lot has changed. But for more of a leadership role, just trying to organize these throwing sessions and especially trying to make sure guys get out and keep pushing guys that way.

Q: With the shakeup on the coaching staff, how has it been working with Coach Bates?

A: I love Coach Bates. I'm real excited to get to working with him out on the field. I mean just in the meetings and stuff it's been exciting. I think the stuff he's going to bring to our offense is going to be really, really helpful.

Q: Being such a mobile quarterback, do you see the offense changing at all if you become the starting quarterback?

A: I don't think so, no zone option reads or anything like that, but maybe with nakeds and play action and stuff. You know just move the pocket a little bit, but other than that our offense isn't really going to change that much.

Q: You have two years of experience in the system. How much more comfortable are you now with the offense and being a leader on the field?

A: One hundred times more comfortable. My first year I didn't really know what was going on. Last year, I was still trying to learn but I think I got it a little towards the end. Now it's more of refining what I already know and just getting better.

Q: What specific areas of your game are you working on improving this off-season?

A: Just getting timing with your receivers. That's a big thing, that is why we're out here, that's why we're working.

Q: What have you learned from playing behind guys like Mark Sanchez and John David Booty the last two years?

A: Both those guys, they really prepared for game planning and practice, and that is the biggest thing. Preparing for what you're going to see. With Mark, the enthusiasm he plays with, and relating to the guys. He showed that football can be fun too.

Q: With so many returning players, what are your expectations for the offense in 2009?

A: We should be strong. All we lost was Patrick Turner and Mark (Sanchez). Those are two big holes but we have a bunch of receivers ready to step in, and not to mention our running backs. The whole line is going to come back which is helpful. I think our offense should be really good this year.

Aaron Corp is in good position to become the starting quarterback. (Jaime Rodriguez Photo)

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