CaliFlorida camp update

Click below for a report on Trojan recruits from the CaliFlorida bowl camp as well as interviews with Lawrence Jackson, Travis Draper, Damon Jenkins and Michael Okwo.

I made it out to the CaliFlorida practice on Monday and Tuesday for a little bit each day and here's my observations on a few players.

Lawrence Jackson- He looked really impressive, especially on Tuesday during the one-on-one's against the offensive linemen. On one turn, he went to the outside and and just blew by his man to get to the bag. On the very next turn, he showed big time explosion and just went straight through the lineman (who outweighed Jackson by about 30-40 pounds) to get to the bag. Not only that, but he's a definite leader who players seem to gravitate toward. When I interviewed him after practice, Desmond Reed and a couple other guys walked by and Lawrence jokingly yelled out "Hey, if you commit to SC then you can get interviewed too."

Morrow also looked impressive and is a very big kid. He also looked good in the one-on-one's and showed some surprising speed and quickness on one turn when he just flew around the offensive lineman to get to the bag.

I didn't get to watch a lot of the O-Line drills, but Travis Draper looked really good from what I saw. He's bigger than what I expected and has good feet. On one play during the one-on-one's he stood Sedric Ellis (who looked really good both days) straight up in his tracks. Both Draper and Spanos will also play a little tight end in the game. I think that says a little about their speed.

The Tings really fly around and have extremely quick feet. You can tell a lot of the other guys out there have been playing DB longer so they have a little edge, but you can't teach the natural abilities that the Tings have. I think with Carroll back there teaching them the position, they both have a bright future.

Drean Rucker looked like the best linebacker out there from what I saw with Okwo close behind. Rucker is built like a truck and he just seems to have great linebacker instincts.

Maurice Drew has probably been the player that most on-lookers, and players, have been in awe of. On Monday, he just put on a show and just seems a step quicker than anyone else on the field. When I talked to some players after practice and asked if anyone stood out, every one of them mentioned him.

Sedric Ellis and Junior Lemau'u were two other guys who really looked good in the Monday practice.

Chauncey Washington cancelled and will not be playing in the game.

Like I said, I didn't get to stay for the whole practice either day, but those are some of my observations.

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