Quoting Carroll: Saturday Practice

SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after the first day of spring practice, to see what the coach had to say about the quarterback competition, the status of Joe McKnight and much more.

Carroll on the first day of spring practice:

It was a good first day, it seemed pretty typical all in all. Good solid work with everybody humming around and running around. This is really our longest practice that we hold, to get a lot of stuff on film the first day. We have a couple days to look at it and then start into a real serious week coming up Tuesday. We got a good start, everything worked out fine.

Carroll on simplifying the offensive terminology:

We have, for years wanted to change some of the numbering and the terminology. Six, seven years we have been wanting to do it but we never had a transition that it made sense to do it in. I thought this was the best time with Jeremy and Johnny taking over. They did a great job of tailoring the stuff. We are doing the same stuff we just cleaned up the numbering systems and stuff.

I think that's what the quarterbacks have enjoyed. It has grouped things a little bit more clearly for them. It was just part of an old system that we needed to tailor.

Carroll when asked if any of the quarterbacks stood out:

I didn't think so. I thought it was just mixing and matching with the groups. It was good that Jeremy (Bates) got Matt (Barkley) in there with the first group in the team period, so he had his reps right off the bat. He hit his first ball. He hit a seam route and the guys got kind of excited about that. He came right back and couldn't find the guy the next time. It's going to be a long haul. He's got a good smile on his face about it and he's really competing to understand what's going on, trying to get the calls just right.

I thought Aaron (Corp) and Mitch (Corp) were very comfortable in the huddle and doing the things that they have done before so that's good, Garret likewise. They have picked up and we just have to wait and take some time figuring it out.

Carroll on Taylor Mays playing both free and strong safety:

He will play both sides. We do want to get him some work on the other side. He has been pretty solidly entrenched at the free safety spot. It's for a lot of reasons but for versatility to make sure he can do a little bit of everything.

Carroll on Garrett Green's role:

He's doing everything. He's running up here for the punt team, holding for the kicks and he's playing quarterback and he's gonna play wide receiver before the spring is over. He's just a great utility guy. He's got great smarts and understanding and a great willingness to do all of the things that we are asking him to do. We will just have to figure out later on where it all settles.

Carroll on the status of Joe McKnight:

They are just making sure that he is OK. He can run full speed and do all the stuff. They just don't want him to push it yet, so that we can get a good spring out of him. I would think that by the end of next week he will be doing most everything, barring in setbacks.

Pete Carroll and Jethro Franklin having a good time at Saturday's practice. (Jaime Rodriguez Photo)

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