Lawrence Jackson update following CA vs FL game

Trojan verbal Lawrence Jackson discusses the CaliFlorida All-Star game and some of the other USC recruits who took part in that game.


Wearesc: When are you going to take your official visit to SC?

Lawrence: Either on the 10th or the 17th. I know on the 10th there are some big names coming in.



Wearesc: Will you be taking a recruiting role for SC on those trips?

Lawrence: I already did that during this week, man!



Wearesc: Care to elaborate a little?

Lawrence: Well, I mean, I can't really put their business out like that, but a couple of guys told me they were coming. There were a lot of people on that team going to SC. The rest of the team got pretty tired of it too. They would be like "Where are you going?" and after I told them, they said "damn, half the team is going to SC!" It was like that all week and it didn't make it any easier when we won the Orange bowl.



Wearesc: How do you think you did in the game? Do you have your stats on the day?

Lawrence: I don't have my stats, but I talked to coach O and he said I did real good and made a lot of good plays.



Wearesc: Who was the most impressive player at the practices?

Lawrence: Desmond Reed. That little dude can hit.



Wearesc: What about his other skills?

Lawrence: Well, I played against him (at Inglewood HS) and he's just real good, a real polished player. I mean, he's small, but he can play. Just really good, really good.



Wearesc: Do you think Cedric Ellis is considering USC?

Lawrence: Nah, he didn't mention anything to me.



Wearesc: Maurice Drew seemed like the guy who had everyone talking. What is your opinion of him?

Lawrence: He's the real deal. It's like you can't hit him anywhere. If you hit him high, he's gonna run you over. If you hit him low, he's gonna step over you. If you hit him from the side, he's gonna bounce off of you. So the only way to hit him is to group tackle him.



Wearesc: Can you compare him to Ernie Sims (the #1 rated player in the nation ) at RB?

Lawrence: I mean both are good players, but Maurice impressed me a little more. Sims is hard runner, but I think he should have played LB to stop our offense.



Wearesc: I understand that USC has pulled Junior Lemauu's scholarship offer, and he didn't appreciate the move.  Did he talk to you about that? The reason I ask is because he looked very good in the game.

Lawrence: Well, from what I was told, he was never offered a scholarship.



Wearesc: Interesting. So did Junior say anything about USC?

Lawrence: Yeah, he said he wants to go there and I talked to the coaches today and they said that they (the coaches and Junior) should be talking this week.



Wearesc: So do you think that the coaches could still offer Junior?

Lawrence: Yeah.



Wearesc: Did you catch the US Army bowl today?

Lawrence: Yeah, I caught the first half only cuz it got boring. The West was getting beat on.



Wearesc: What did you think of Reggie Bush?

Lawrence: Oh he was excellent, man. Lendale White looked pretty good too.



Wearesc: The last time I talked to you, you told me you were going to start a rigorous training regimen. How are you doing with that?

Lawrence: Well, recently I've been trying to build a base, you know, of strength in all the areas and working on my weaknesses and working on technique and the squat and the power clean because I really havent' done any of that since I've been in high school. But other than that, everything is going very well.



Wearesc: So by the time camp rolls around, you'll be ready?

Lawrence: Oh yeah, Oh yeah. There will be no problem. Top Stories