Quoting Carroll: Scrimmage Edition

The Trojans' 99-play scrimmage on Saturday featureded by big plays by Malik Jackson, Curtis McNeal and Everson Griffen. SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with Pete Carroll afterwards to get the coaches thoughts on the big day.

Pete Carroll on Saturday's Scrimmage:

"We had a lot of fun today. This was a day that started out with a big meeting with the team, just getting them pumped up for this workout here, and kind of celebrating the fact that we're out here for the Swim with Mike and all the rest of the stuff that's going on on a big day on campus. The guys had a really good time today and they played like it. There's a lot of energy and enthusiasm and we had a good scrimmage. Some good playmaking, the quarterbacks numbers were pretty good again, they're numbers were way up there."

Pete Carroll on the play of the quarterbacks:

"I think as a group all of the guys played well. Mitch didn't get as many throws as the other guys but everybody played clean and pretty good. The one pick that we threw, I think it was on the screen, we have to do something about that, we have to work on that because we've thrown the ball to the rush guys a couple times here."

Pete Carroll on Everson Griffen's impressive performance:

"I think one of the things obviously, out here, was that we couldn't block Everson. Everson is really getting off the football like crazy. I think he had maybe three or four sacks today, and is a big factor throughout, and he is just getting better. He's utilizing his speed. I think he and Jethro have really hit it off and have kind of tailored his game to really feature the burst that he has and it's really showing up on a play to play down and out basis and that's a great asset. It's really the guy that we were looking for, and he is really starting to show some consistency, and that's his biggest issue is to be consistently a factor."

Pete Carroll on Jeremy Bates growing with the offense:

"See, a lot of things are interesting to watch Jeremy because he's the new guy, he's growing with the personalities of the players and what they add to the football team. Again, today, I know he learned some more stuff about his guys. It was really good. It's fun to watch that happen."

Pete Carroll on the play of the linebackers:,p> "Malcolm (Smith), I think he had 7 tackles in the first half of this thing. He's all over the field. He's really a dynamic football player for us and it's real positive. (Chris) Galippo played well, too. So we're getting a lot of good play in the areas where we had questions, where we lost some guys. We're getting good play there and it's such a positive and it feels good that we're being productive and getting something done in the springtime."

Pete Carroll on next Saturday's Trojan Huddle:

"Just finish it up. Have one more time, one more performance, and try to make it a big deal as we can and game-like as possible, and hopefully a good crowd and a lot of noise to make it as realistic as possible. We invite everyone to come out and join us. It's been a really great spring. I can't imagine anything but we're going to finish up on a really high note and really be looking forward to the offseason and getting ready for camp."

Pete Carroll was pleased with the play on Saturday.

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