Quoting Carroll: Trojan Huddle Edition

22,565 fans were excited to get a look at the 2009 USC Trojans during the spring scrimmage on Saturday. SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with Pete Carroll afterwards to get the coaches thoughts on the Trojans' performance. Look inside for more.

Pete Carroll on the running game:

"Curtis McNeal did not have a big day today. He has had a great spring up until today but for whatever reason he couldn't get going today. It was really great to see Marc (Tyler) finish off on a high note. We know that C.J. (Gable) is a really good football player. We love the way he plays. At this point, we will go into Fall Camp and figure it out."

Pete Carroll on the play of Nick Perry:

"Nick Perry had a ton of plays. I think he had seven or eight tackles today or whatever it was. That's a big day for Nick. He was in the backfield a couple of times. That's a great emergence for him and I love that it happened today because Nick has been coming on. He had a good second half of the spring."

Pete Carroll on the play of Marshall Jones:

"Marshall has been making plays here the second half of spring. He missed some time early but when he has been out here he has been very productive. That's huge for us. Marshall is kind of coming out of nowhere, coming over from the safety spot, but that helps us depth-wise. He has been physical and he's made big plays for us. The one he caught today was a really nice pick. He read the route, got underneath it and took it home."

Pete Carroll on Mark Sanchez being drafted fifth:

"I love that Mark got out there on the fifth pick. That's a great spot for him, going to New York is just so awesome. To go play there, be part of the Jets organization, and all that history and the great crowds and the fans. That will be a challenge for Mark that he can handle. He is worthy of this and he can handle it. I am just thrilled for him. I just talked to him for a second here and he is all pumped up about it. I am just really thrilled for him. It will be a great place for him."

Pete Carroll on the secondary:

The secondary is really a solid group. The guys are so good back there that there just isn't a lot of room to throw the football. We have very high expectations for the secondary. These guys are as good as anybody that we have had at anytime. To have Josh (Pinkard) playing next to Taylor (Mays), that's amazing athletes playing back there and the corner play has been really good."

Pete Carroll on the performance of Rhett Ellison:

"I thought Rhett was really good. Rhett had a great day today. With Anthony (McCoy) going out early, it gave Rhett a chance to play. Rhett's a really big time player. Anthony is the starter but he is going to play throughout and those guys play a lot together."

Pete Carroll shares a laugh with Jethro Franklin. (Jaime Rodriguez Photo)

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