Mom Likes USC

Four-star defensive tackle Ricky Heimuli isn't ready to name any leaders, but his mom was very impressed with the USC Trojans after a recent trip to Los Angeles. "I think that is her favorite school," Heimuli said.

Salt Lake City (Utah) Brighton HS defensive tackle Ricky Heimuli has seen the recruiting process really heat up over the past few months, with the entire Pac-10 coming through with offers, as well as schools from the SEC, Big Ten and Big 12.

"It has been crazy right now," he said. "I really didn't think this was ever going to happen. I am trying not to focus on it too much and just focus on school."

In total, Heimuli has racked up 20 scholarship offers and says it‘s still too early in the process to name any leaders.

"Right now it is still pretty open because I still haven't talked with all the coaches yet," he said. "As it gets closer to Signing Day, that's when I will make some top schools."

While the four-star defensive tackle isn't ready to name any favorites, his mom was very impressed with the USC Trojans after visiting the campus in April for the Los Angeles Nike Camp.

"My mom loves USC because when we came out for the Nike Camp, we came a day before the camp and my mom got her own tour of the campus," Heimuli said. "After that we went and watched the scrimmage.

"She loves it because she knows some of the players' parents. She knows Stanley Havili because he used to be best friends with my brother. We are pretty close with them, and they were just telling her everything about what's going on with USC, and she loves it there now.

"I think that is her favorite school."

The 6-foot-4, 285-pound defensive tackle was one of the top performers at the L.A. Nike Camp, and has become a hot commodity because finding interior linemen with size, strength and quickness is one of the toughest things to do in recruiting.

"I just play the way that I know how to play. I go out there, work on my fundamentals and the basic things that work," Heimuli said. "If people get used to the way I play, then I switch it up. I just do whatever I can to get to the quarterback before he gets rid of the ball.

"I go out there and do what I can to prove myself. I have a standard to live up to, so I just try to live up to that and give a little more."

USC assistant coach Brian Schneider is handling the recruitment of Heimuli, and the two have built a solid relationship while talking on a regular basis.

"Coach Schneider just treats me like I am already part of the team," he said. "He makes sure that I am on track and makes sure that I am doing everything to finish off my senior year with a big bang.

"He's just making sure that I stay on top of everything and he treats me as if I was on the team and one of his boys."

With 20 offers in hand, Heimuli has plenty of options to choose from and detailed for us what he is looking for in a potential school.

"My first and main priority right now is the education part, like how high the percentage of student athletes graduating are and stuff like that," he said. "My second part is how family-oriented they are and how involved they keep the families. The third part that I want to see is how unified the team and coaches are together."

Heimuli is LDS and wants to take his mission after his freshman year in college.

"My plan is to try to play as a freshman and then after my freshman season I will head out for two years," he explained. "Then I will come back for the remaining years.

"All of the coaches that I have talked to so far say that it is fine with them."

Heimuli will be back in Los Angeles in June for the Rising Stars Camp at USC.

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