Cathedral OL Hoping To Earn USC Offer

Most of the attention last year at San Diego Cathedral Catholic was given to future Stanford running back Tyler Gaffney, but behind all great running backs, is a solid offensive line. One of the more impressive road graders for Gaffney was massive offensive tackle, Alex Crosthwaite (6-5, 298, 5.1).

On May 4, Crosthwaite picked up his fifth scholarship offer from Washington State and on May 7 another offer from Colorado. Crosthwaite previously had offers from Arizona, Arizona State, San Diego State and Minnesota.

Crosthwaite may only have six offers at this point, but it's safe to assume he will end with many more after the May evaluation period and after attending the Nike Camp at Stanford and the USC Rising Stars Camp.

The local schools often have an advantage over out-of-state schools because of the proximity to home. Crosthwaite hasn't received an offer from the two top local schools in USC and UCLA, but his interest level is high.

"My interest is high with both schools," said Crosthwaite. "I'm really open and I'm not going to pick a school just because it's in California, but my interest in high for both of those schools. I like them because they are close to home, my parents like them because they would like me to stay close.

"UCLA and USC seems really interested. With USC, I'm going to go to their camp (Rising Stars Camp). I plan on going to their camp because that's the only way to get an offer from them. I've talked to Coach (John) Morton several times and I've seen him in person when I was at their Junior day. I was going to go up there last weekend, but I got an eye infection and I couldn't go. I really like Coach Morton."

Crosthwaite provided us with some of the reasons he's interested in a few of the programs that have offered him a scholarship. Arizona, and the fact that Bill Bedenbaugh is the offensive line coach, is one of the main reasons Crosthwaite has high interest in the Wildcats.

"For The University of Arizona, I like Bill Bedenbaugh, the offensive line coach, I also like the O-Line coach and the head coach at Minnesota, because it seems like they have a lot of experience," said Crosthwaite. "I haven't really talked to the coaches very much from Arizona State and San Diego State is in my home town. Washington State just offered, so I don't know much about them."

Although it's still early in the recruiting process, the Arizona staff has had consistent contact with Crosthwaite and Bedenbaugh has done an outstanding job communicating with him and selling him why Stoops' program is an extremely solid option.

"They just really want me to compete for a spot and they want me over there to help win a National Championship," said Crosthwaite when asked what he's talked about with the Wildcat staff. "It also seems like a good school and my parents like it too. I've been talking to some other recruits who have been offered by Arizona and are from Arizona, and they say the offensive line coach is really good, and that's what I like."

It seems as if every Arizona offensive line prospect is impressed with Coach Bedenbaugh, but none seem more impressed than Crosthwaite. He may not end up at Arizona, but there's no doubt the Wildcats will be a school Crosthwaite considers strongly when he makes his decision on a school. We asked Alex what are some main aspects of a school and football program he's looking for?

"The main thing I'm looking for is a good O-Line coach," said Crosthwaite. "I want to make it big, so I want an O-Line coach who can make me into the best player I can be. So, what I'm looking for is a good O-Line coach, an overall good coaching staff and I don't really care about location, I'll go anywhere."

Often times an elite high school prospect has a few schools mind, even at this early point in the recruiting process, that he will take an official visit to. That's not the case with Crosthwaite.

"No, not really, but even if I like the first one, I plan on taking all five of them," said Crosthwaite when asked if he had any schools he was sure he'd officially visit. "I'm not sure which five I'm taking, yet."

If offers don't come in from USC or UCLA, Arizona is a school that isn't necessarily local, but it's only an hour flight from San Diego, and that is a plus for the Wildcat's chances with Crosthwaite.

"Oh, yeah, I obviously wouldn't mind playing for them and I have high interest in Arizona," Crosthwaite said. "I don't have a favorite and I'm not going to make a decision anytime soon, because there's a lot that will key into my decision." Top Stories