Telfort Chat Transcript

USC incoming freshman Frankie Telfort was gracious enough to join us in the SCPlaybook chat room. Look inside for the transcript of our discussion with the talented linebacker.

KevinCarden How is everybody doing tonight?

trojanwarrior good how bout you?

TrojanJP hey Kevin

KevinCarden Good thanks.

ScottSchrader Frankie is with us now

ScottSchrader ask away

TrojanJP Is Frankie taking summer courses to be on campus?

KevinCarden Hey Frankie, what have you been up to since Signing Day?

trojanwarrior Fight On, you know what # you'll be wearing?

Frankie Telfort Yes, Math and Spanish

Frankie Telfort I'm not sure yet about the #

KevinCarden Which players in this recruiting class are you most looking forward to seeing play?

Frankie Telfort I actually ran track, made it to state and my fastest hand time was 10.53 and electronic 10.89

TrojanJP wow.

Frankie Telfort Jarvis Jones, the guy we got out of GA. He's a good friend and we both picked USC.

KevinCarden In the end, what was it about SC that made you commit?

Frankie Telfort I decided USC was the best place for me because of the linebackers coach.

trojanwarrior Frankie, outside of school and football...what do you like to do to relax?

Frankie Telfort I do alot of stuff. I am a creative writer, I draw and paint. I even took up Yoga last year.

KevinCarden Did you enjoy seeing all the USC LB's getting drafted high?

TrojanJP Frankie, do you speak often with other signees?

Frankie Telfort Definitely, it reflects what type of coach Ken Norton is and what type of program they run at USC.

Frankie Telfort Jawanza and that's pretty much it with who I talk to.

trojanwarrior Will the two of you be roommates at SC?

lonobird Hello fellas

ScottSchrader Do you see yourself playing as a true freshman?

KevinCarden I know you are a very intelligent kid talk about the role academics played in your decision?

Frankie Telfort I'm looking more to play special teams, but as I learn the playbook I think there is a chance I'll play as a true freshman.

KevinCarden Hey lono.

trojanwarrior Do you see yourself as a WLB or SLB?

Frankie Telfort I think I'm rooming with Jawanza or marquis Simmons.

Frankie Telfort Academics was big. USC and my good are both private schools and the networking is always great with private schools. And USC is a highly ranked school.

TrojanJP Frankie, do you think yourself, Jarvis and Marquis can outdo what the three Trojan LB's did last year?

Frankie Telfort A weak side LB.

lonobird yo hello

trojanwarrior hello

KevinCarden What players in college or the pro do you look up to or pattern your game after?

Frankie Telfort Those are some big shoes to fill. But with Ken Norton's coaching, anything is possible.

TrojanJP good answer

Frankie Telfort It would have to be Ray Lewis and the ravens LB corp is very good and they are all very fast.But it would have to be Ray Lewis.

TrojanJP Are you a Ravens fan Frankie?

KevinCarden What was the reaction of the locals when you picked USC?

Frankie Telfort Yes, I am.

TrojanJP as a linebacker, as good a team to support as any

trojanwarrior Frankie, what's your opinion of westcoast football vs football played in the south...I know your experience is limited

Frankie Telfort A lot of people questioned why I didn't go to Florida or Miami, but it's good to shock people every once in a while.

lonobird When are going to be coming to campus, Frankie?

KevinCarden Did you know you were going to go to USC and kept it quiet or did it come down to a last second decision for you in recruiting?

Frankie Telfort I think it's all football, where we are is built around speed. You won't find any big, speedy linebackers from Miami, but overall the speed is pretty freakish.

Frankie Telfort I pretty much knew a month before signing day I was going to USC.

TrojanJP What number did you request for next season?

Frankie Telfort I need to request a number. No. 21 or 23 or something in the teens is what I am looking at.

KevinCarden What are the strengths of your game?

ScottSchrader BTW, Frankie has had the playbook for over a month

sirsocalrick Hi folks, I got in late. Is Frankie here?

TrojanJP yea, scott is on the phone with him

sirsocalrick Thanks JP

Frankie Telfort My speed and my knowledge of the game, my cover skills. When to blitz and when not to blitz.

TrojanJP No problem.

Frankie Telfort I am here!

TrojanJP Frankie how was your experience at the Under Armour game

trojanwarrior which do feel stronger about your run coverage or pass coverage

Frankie Telfort It was a great experience. I actually got compared to Sean Spence at that game by Tom Luginbill.

sirsocalrick Hi Frankie, welcome to the Trojans, we are extremely glad to have your here!

sirsocalrick your=you

NEWPORTROJAN2 Hey Frankie, you won't regret attending USC. I graduated from Univ of Arizona and then USC graduate school. The networking was amazing and I am now retired.

Frankie Telfort I would say both, but I'll go with run.

TrojanJP how did the coaches react when you told them you wanted to be a Trojan?

sirsocalrick Frankie, I have checked you out and you are obviously a phenomenal athlete. However, given your size, do you think you might shift to the secondary?

Frankie Telfort I can appreciate the USC family.

LambdaChiTrojan (PHEW!!! Get knocked out and you're out of a long time)

Frankie Telfort They were excited and ecstatic. Todd McNair got a day off and it was a good reaction.

KevinCarden What was it like getting to know guys like Pete Carroll and Urban Meyer during the recruiting process?

LambdaChiTrojan Hope I'm not asking the same questions, but ... What other schools did you seriously consider?

Frankie Telfort There was talk of that, but i will get a shot at Will, it will be strong safety.

trojanwarrior Frankie, do you consider yourself an emotional player(in your face type of leader) or more of a lead by example type?

sirsocalrick Thanks for the answer Frankie, you will excel at either position!

Frankie Telfort Very different and they are different types of coaches. It was an honor to be recruited by both coaches. When you have a presence like Pete Carroll in your home, it's exciting.

LambdaChiTrojan Who was there for your home visit (Family and SC staff?)

Frankie Telfort Florida, Stanford, Duke. UF and Stanford were in my top 3

sirsocalrick BTW, welcome back Scott to the Trojan website!

LambdaChiTrojan What triggered you to come to USC over the other schools?

KevinCarden Have you imagined what it will be like to run out of the tunnel for your first game as a Trojan?

Frankie Telfort Coach T-Mac was there most of the time, Coach Franklin, Pat Ruel and my home visit was with Pete Carroll.

hesiman56 Sorry just got here but what # will you be wearing and Position will u be playing

TrojanJP he hasn't requested a number yet, and he wants to play WLB

TrojanJP to help fill ya in quickly : )

hesiman56 thanks

KevinCarden JP's on top of it.

trojanwarrior thats what she said

sirsocalrick JO rocks! :)

KevinCarden zinger!

sirsocalrick JO=JP *crimany*

TrojanJP haha

Frankie Telfort I have thought about the crowd and everyone getting riled up and I'm sure we'll have a chant when walking down the tunnel.

sirsocalrick It will be electric Frankie!

KevinCarden What was the best part of your official visit to USC?

TrojanJP Which game are you looking forward to more, UCLA or ND?

LambdaChiTrojan both, JP, both (oh, are you asking me or Frankie?)

sirsocalrick lol

TrojanJP Frankie lol

TrojanJP but your answer is appreciated just as much

LambdaChiTrojan why thank you. We're all Trojans.

sirsocalrick Frankie, any possibility you might redshirt this year?

KevinCarden Speaking of that which road game do you guys (poster) think is a better trip ND or Ohio State?

LambdaChiTrojan Do you personally know the other future National Champs in your class? Who are you the closest with?

trojanwarrior ND without a doubt

lonobird Hawaii 2011 kevin

TrojanJP In terms of which game will be better, OSU

LambdaChiTrojan Never been to OSU, but ND is a great trip.

sirsocalrick It will be a greater accomplishment when we beat OU at the horseshoe, but beating ND at ND is always fun!

lonobird ND is a cool trip, OSU is a must

LambdaChiTrojan I had a nun curse at me when Matt scored a few years back

trojanwarrior Frankie, are you an emotional in your face type of leader or a lead by example type?

KevinCarden lol

Frankie Telfort Redshirting is always possible, but I doubt with the depth at my position.

hesiman56 Hey frankie whats your goals your 1st yr at SC?

sirsocalrick OU=OSU *jeeze*

LambdaChiTrojan 4.3 = Fast like me

lonobird she was paying you back Lambda, I always tell the ND folk here that God is a protestant

LambdaChiTrojan ouch!

Frankie Telfort lead by example, but occasionally I will be vocal.

LambdaChiTrojan I stopped cheering dead in my tracks, Lono, from the shock.

Frankie Telfort My goals are to get a 4.0.

LambdaChiTrojan What triggered you to come to USC over the other schools?

KevinCarden good goal.

hesiman56 very good goal

lonobird lol, I went to catholic grade school and high school the nuns are a trip

Frankie Telfort I chose USC because of the quality of school and the linebacker's coach.

sirsocalrick Excellent Frankie! That and ten picks and maybe 8 sacks too! *LOL*

LambdaChiTrojan What's your major?

KevinCarden Have you ever watched film of Norton from his playing days?

ScottSchrader Frankie is LOL at sir

trojanwarrior Frankie, have you been out an about in L.A yet...if so what do you like best about the city??

Frankie Telfort I really wanted to watch film of him, but I haven't, yet.

lonobird Lebron James sucks, Frankie, do you agree?

TrojanJP Loaded question lono lol

LambdaChiTrojan VERY loaded

lonobird lol

trojanwarrior Frankie...Tommy's or Fatburger?

lonobird don't have to answer, i know he sucks

Frankie Telfort Kobe all the way.

hesiman56 Frankie do you think this yrs incomming class has the ability to become just like this yrs LB core

lonobird kool kool

LambdaChiTrojan Frankie, Do you personally know the other future National Champs in your class? Who are you the closest with?

sirsocalrick Frankie, I have to run but thanks for the chat and welcome to the USC family. You are going to be great! Fight on!!!

LambdaChiTrojan see ya Sir

Frankie Telfort Only places I've been to are Jack in the Box and...In N Out all the way.

TrojanJP have a good one socalrick

sirsocalrick see ya Lambda, take care room!

LambdaChiTrojan In N OUt is all you need to know

trojanwarrior JITB Tacos are awesome...good choice

KevinCarden Especially at 2 a.m.

Frankie Telfort Jarvis and jawanza are who I am closest with.

KevinCarden Frankie what does it mean to you to be a Trojan?

LambdaChiTrojan When do you arrive in LA?

Frankie Telfort It means to the sky is the limit when you are a Trojan.

trojanwarrior hes here already lambda

LambdaChiTrojan Summer school or do you start in the fall?

Frankie Telfort I arrive June 21]

LambdaChiTrojan oh, welcome to LA

Frankie Telfort I will enroll in summer school and take spanish and math.

LambdaChiTrojan Hola!

ScottSchrader Okay guys/gals, Frankie has got to go. One more question.

NEWPORTROJAN2 Buenas tardes senor Frankie!

LambdaChiTrojan Who`s the best player you`ve played against?

ScottSchrader We will have a recap of the chat.

TrojanJP good last question Lambda

trojanwarrior If you were a tree what kind of tree would you be?

LambdaChiTrojan LOL TW

TrojanJP haha, not so good tw

LambdaChiTrojan a tall tree

lonobird LMAO

lonobird good last question

Frankie Telfort Best player I played against was Lamar Miller. The running back from UM.

lonobird thanks for the chat Frankie

KevinCarden Frankie thanks for your time. Much appreciated!

trojanwarrior Fight On, Frankie!

LambdaChiTrojan Well, sorry to report, you won't be able to play vs him again since the U isn't going to the title game any time soon

TrojanJP Thanks for chatting with us Frankie

Frankie Telfort Fight on Troy and go Trojans!!.

LambdaChiTrojan Fight ON, Frankie. Thanks to Scott and Kevin for getting this set up. Who next?

hesiman56 Thanks frankie Welcome to the 2009 NC USC Trojans

lonobird alright guys, you heard him, KOBE all the way

KevinCarden If anyone has any questions for us fire away.

LambdaChiTrojan (see you all)

NEWPORTROJAN2 Frankie, just remember that ucla is a 4 letter wird!

lonobird when kevin graf? next week?

lonobird about 5'11"

TrojanJP haha tw

hesiman56 hey kevin what great WR is out there that will be the next Julio Jones or AJ Green ?

KevinCarden Hard to say that there is anyone that can be that guy but I really like DeMarco Cobbs right now.

KevinCarden There isn't as many big, physical WR's in this class.

lonobird ok good nite guys Orlando - Cavs on TV

ScottSchrader I agree, there is no Julio Jones or AJ Green in this class that I have seen.

NEWPORTROJAN2 Pierson just writes crap to excite the idiots on BRO who can't post anything about their crap team

KevinCarden As far as Cali WR I like Robert Woods.

TrojanJP 2011 will have a few Jones/Green level WRs

hesiman56 can Moody McNeal be like the Oregon ST RB for us this yr or is he still an yr away?

trojanwarrior I know Newport...I was just wondering if Kevin had any challenges working with that "guy"

KevinCarden I think he has the skill to be an impact player but with the crowded backfield he isn't going to get nearly as many touches as Rodgers.

KevinCarden I think he will have a role though as a third down back, a guy that can catch the ball in the flats and get loose

ScottSchrader Guys/gals, we'll have Kevin Graf in two weeks and answer questions about the Combine and more. I gotta go get my dad discharged from the hospital. He's doing fine!!

ScottSchrader Good night!!

trojanwarrior enjoy the sald Scott HAHA

hesiman56 Do you think Joe comes back next yr even if he has a so, so yr ?

KevinCarden McNeal will be a big time player down the road

TrojanJP have a good one Scott!

KevinCarden If he has a so so year he may need to come back, if he breaks out he will most likely be gone.

KevinCarden I think Tyler/McNeal is a great future combo.

KevinCarden I haven't had any problems with Pierson.

KevinCarden TW

hesiman56 SO do i! i really think Tyler can be better the L White

KevinCarden He has a unique combo of size and elusiveness.

TrojanJP I like Tyler as a total-package type back. Kind of kid who could handle 25 carries a game easily

KevinCarden He is in a great spot to be the featured back down the line.

KevinCarden He would probably be a star in Big Ten this year getting 20-25 carries JP.

trojanwarrior Kevin what are your impressions of Bates and Morton?

TrojanJP I agree Kevin

KevinCarden I think Bates has been a breath of fresh air for the players.

KevinCarden He has simplified things and has a great offensive mind.

KevinCarden I think everyone already assumes that he is really the offensive coordinator.

KevinCarden The good thing is Morton isn't a big ego guy so they will work good together.

hesiman56 Kevin in my opinon I think Matt B can take over at the end of summer just because his Football IQ is tremendous is there any feeling to that down at SC?

KevinCarden It's hard to say because Carroll is very cautious with QB's and may be hesitant to throw a freshman in

trojanwarrior thanks man!

KevinCarden but if anyone could do it is Barkley. He really is already a great leader and very poised on the field.

KevinCarden His upside is also off the charts.

KevinCarden Corp though is also a very good QB that adds the dimension of running.

hesiman56 he looked very poised at spring pratice

KevinCarden You hear all the hype and naturally are skeptical but he really has everything to be a real good QB at USC.

TrojanJP I am curious to see how good Barkley can be.

KevinCarden What are you guys most looking forward to this year?

TrojanJP Jarvis Jones.

TrojanJP I think he is going to be an instant success for us

KevinCarden Fun year because of all the roster turnover

KevinCarden Carroll has said he expects that of Jones.

USCemper I want to see how the linebackers will do

hesiman56 Corps ball just didn't look like it had the same zip that Matt's did but dont get me wrong i love the fact that Corp can get out of the pocket and can make it hard for Def.

KevinCarden Matt definitely made the most big plays, he just needs to limit the mistakes.

KevinCarden To do as good as he did in his first 15 college practices is really good to see.

TrojanJP you think some of those mistakes will always be there because of his gunslinger persona, a bit like Favre?

KevinCarden I have that same thought JP but in all honesty it is too early to tell.

TrojanJP either way, Barkley has it all to be great

KevinCarden I think he is best physically since Palmer.

KevinCarden I am really excited about the secondary.

TrojanJP I want to see T.J. Bryant get on the field

KevinCarden Pinkard's return really gives them great versatility to move guys around.

KevinCarden Bryant had a great spring.

hesiman56 Whos our starting Secondary ? i say at corner S.Wright with TJ and K.Thomas With Will H and Josh at SS and Taylor at FS what do u think

KevinCarden The guy that has the potential to explode this year is Shareece Wright.

trojanwarrior absolutely some big hitters in the secondary with Mays, Harris, Pink, and Wright

USCemper Kevin, how do you feel about the LBs?

KevinCarden Wright, Pinkard, Mays and Thomas

TrojanJP I remember how hard Wright hits, like a safety

trojanwarrior Jake Locker agrees JP

KevinCarden Wright reminds me of Will Poole with his ability to come up in run support and blitz.

KevinCarden The LB's definitely look smaller but they are really fast and fundamentally sound this year.

hesiman56 i love the physical play that Will Harris brings to the table when Kevin E went out last yr we didnt skip a beat !

KevinCarden Depth is still an issue with Luthur Brown out

TrojanJP really the only linebacker who is smaller is at SLB

USCemper Thank you, I just hope that "missing out" on Manty and Burfict is not going to bite us in the butt

They just seem smaller I guess, not as intimidating.

trojanwarrior no worries Emper...Uona and Jordan can handle the job

hesiman56 hey does anyone know if Burfict got qualified ?

TrojanJP no word yet

trojanwarrior hes not close yet, 56

KevinCarden I haven't heard anything on that in a long time.

KevinCarden The young DE's are also a great group to watch.

TrojanJP I was really hoping Tez would end up at USC. Kid is good.

KevinCarden One of the hardest hitters in HS that I have ever seen.

hesiman56 i hope he does so that Kris Odowd can pancake him lol jk ....kind of

TrojanJP Nothing wrong with pancakes

KevinCarden O'Dowd is on the Rimington Watch List

KevinCarden Pac-10 has had some really good centers lately.

hesiman56 he should the MAN is a beast !!!

USCemper Kevin or anyone who has seen him, has Nick Howell gotten much bigger than last year?

KevinCarden He's listed at 6-5, 280

TrojanJP Have to imagine he is bigger than that.

KevinCarden Not sure how much bigger he has gotten but has a very good frame for Guard.

hesiman56 Gotta go thanks everyone and kevin great stories keep up the good work !! FIGHT ON 2009 NC

TrojanJP later 56

USCemper Sorry to have gotten here late but I had a business meeting to attend.

trojanwarrior slacker

KevinCarden Thanks, I should be going as well. If you have any other Q's just post them in the premium board and I will get to them.

KevinCarden USCemper got anything we can answer for ya then?

USCemper lol, TW!

USCemper No, thank you, Kevin. I will be on the board later on.

TrojanJP well if everyone is leaving then i guess I'll go too...

trojanwarrior yeah i gots to get some dinner going

KevinCarden Ok sounds good. I will talk to you guys later. We are going to make these a regular thing and pick up some steam.

TrojanJP hot dogs and mac n' cheese tw?

trojanwarrior thanks evryone and Kevin

KevinCarden See ya guys!

trojanwarrior no tri tip

USCemper Thank you, guys.

TrojanJP good work Kevin. It was great. Top Stories