Brice Butler and Kevin Graf Chat Transcript

Brice Butler and Kevin Graf joined us in the SCPlaybook chat room Wednesday night. They answered questions for about 40 minutes and below is the transcript from the chat. Enjoy!

trojanwarrior: Loose expert TW in da house

ScottSchrader: Kevin is with us and ready for questions. I will be answering for him.

trojanwarrior: Hi Kevin what have you been doing to prepare for the upcoming fall camp?

<Kevin Graf> I've been lifting a lot and running a lot. I have a lot of free time now that track is done. So I'm just doing a lot of lifting and running.

trojanwarrior: Will you be enrolling this summer or waiting for the fall?

Kevin Graf: I'll enroll June 21.

trojanwarrior: exciting!

slc24: how did track go this year?

KevinCarden: Hey everybody.

Kevin Graf: I start working out with Carlisle on the 22.

trojanwarrior: Get ready to puke!

trojanwarrior: Loose expert #2 in the house!

trojanwarrior: :)

KevinCarden: LOL

Kevin Graf: It went really well and I threw over 60 ft. and got third in the state. So, I was very happy with that.

KevinCarden: How did you know?

Kevin Graf: Kevin laughed at TW's comment and said, trust me, I will.

slc24: very impressive.

KevinCarden: Hey Kevin, what have you been doing to prepare for Fall Camp?

trojanwarrior: You let a punter beat you in the shot put? C'mon! HAHA

Kevin Graf: A lot of running and lifting.

KevinCarden: Who are some of the guys in this recruiting class that you are really looking forward to playing with?

Kevin Graf: Yes he did, but one thing about the punter has been doing it for a long time and works out with an Olympian. So, he had a little edge on me. Ha ha

KevinCarden: Yeah, Darr is a very impressive athlete.

Kevin Graf: Matt, Devon Kennard and I'm really excited to be competing with everyone. KevinCarden: What do you think will be the biggest challenge when stepping up to the college game?

trojanwarrior: Are you going to request your dad or your brother's uniform #?

Kevin Graf: Darr is a very good athlete and he deserved to win.

Kevin Graf: Biggest challenge, getting used to the speed of the game. That's what I've heard from the other kids who were freshmen.

Kevin Graf: No, I'll be wearing No. 77.

slc24: other than your dad and brother having gone to SC what made you want to go there?

Kevin Graf: Definitely the coaches. Coach Ruel is the one of the best OL coaches. I spent a lot of time with them and they've been wonderful. Plus the great tradition.

slc24: what school was runner up to SC?

Kevin Graf: SC was home for me and there never was another school I was considering.

trojanwarrior: Good answer!

KevinCarden: I know you did a lot to help recruit some of the other players. Which other players in this class do you stay in touch with?

Kevin Graf: Matt, De'Von, Patrick Hall Devon Kennard and TJ McDonald.

KevinCarden: TJ got drafted in the MLB Draft today.

slc24: did you meet any players during recruiting that are going to other schools that you are looking forward to playing against?

KevinCarden: What role do you see yourself playing as a freshman?

Kevin Graf: If we ever play Michigan, I look forward to playing against Craig Roh. We faced each other in Orlando and he's a great kid. Just some of the guys from Oaks Christian and Corey Adams.

trojanwarrior: Kevin, let's play word association...when I say ucla...what's the 1st word that comes to mind?

slc24: sucks

trojanwarrior: Same question...Notre Dame

oh, you said kevin. sorry

trojanwarrior: you passed 24

slc24: what would family have done if you decided to go to ucla or nd?

KevinCarden: Since you grew up an SC fan, what are some of your favorite memories from watching the Trojans?

Kevin Graf: Definitely left tackle and I'll just try my hardest to get playing time, but I know that's going to be very tough and challenging. If I work with the scout team, it will just make better. But I want to try and get on the field.

Kevin Graf: Sucks! That was his answer for TW's sword association ?

trojanwarrior: LMAO...I love this guy!

Kevin Graf: Laughing, I don't know if I'd be a part of the family anymore!!

KevinCarden: Are there any players in the NFL or college that you pattern your game after?

trojanwarrior: Kevin, what goes through your mind as you pancake an opposing defender?

Kevin Graf: Probably my brother's last home game against ND. The seniors were so emotional after playing their last game at the Coliseum, and it's a great memory.

Kevin Graf: Beat Clausen, is what I think of with Notre dame, even though I played with him. Ha ha

KevinCarden: lol

Kevin Graf: Jake Long is definitely the player.

slc24: what was the in-home visit from pete carroll like?

KevinCarden: Talk about what your goals are for your freshman year?

Kevin Graf: It was a lot of fun. Both Coach Carroll's and Coach Ruel came to my basketball game. It was just nice to finally sit down with him and know what his plans are for me. I think he left at about 11:30.

LambdaChiTrojan: What's going on. So we have a chat today?

slc24: what is your major going to be?

KevinCarden: Who was the toughest player to block at the Under Armour Game last year?

Kevin Graf: My goal as a freshman is to work hard and play.

KevinCarden: Whats up Lambda?

Kevin Graf: Communications.

LambdaChiTrojan: Hey, Kev.

Kevin Graf: The toughest player to block was Craig Roh. He definitely helped me out and made the game a lot easier for me.

slc24: cool. do you have any thoughts about what you want to do after your football career?

KevinCarden: Have you thought about what it will be like to run down the tunnel for the first time at the Coliseum?

LambdaChiTrojan: Sorry if asked before, but are you going to play T or G? Any idea what number you'll have?

trojanwarrior: lambda he will wear #77

Kevin Graf: I want to hopefully play 15 years, but after that maybe do some broadcasting or something along those lines. Something to do with sports.

LambdaChiTrojan: Excellent #. What's up TW.

slc24> how happy are you that

LambdaChiTrojan: You're at the right school for both NFL and broadcast career.

Kevin Graf: I really can't wait to run down the tunnel. I'm honored to be a part of the great tradition and do what so many other great players have done before me.

slc24: how hapy are you to have Everson Griffen as a teammate and not have to play against him?

LambdaChiTrojan: Do you know who you'll room with (again sorry if asked before)

trojanwarrior: Kevin, what are some your hobbies outside of sports?

Kevin Graf: Ha ha, very happy because Everson is one of the players who will help me understand the game and help learn how fast the game is.

Kevin Graf: I don't have a roommate, yet.

KevinCarden: Does it give you confidence to see another freshman like Matt Barkley come in and have immediate success?

Kevin Graf: Definitely hanging out with friends, lifting and getting ready for school.

Kevin Graf: It gives me confidence because if you are good enough as a freshman to play, you will. I've been studying the playbook and hope to play. Lucky for me, I don't need to learn the signals.

slc24: what advice have your dad and brother given you about playing at SC?

KevinCarden: Talk about the relationship that you built with Coach Ruel during recruiting?

Kevin Graf: They just told me to get ready and it will be hard, but the time at SC will be the happiest of my life.

Kevin Graf: It's grown and I am at the point where I think Coach Ruel is an amazing coach and an amazing guy. Coach (Tim) Davis was my brother's coach and I really liked him, too.

LambdaChiTrojan: Any other future Trojans in the family we should know about?

slc24: how many national championships are you guys going to win?

Kevin Graf: I am the last Graf. Ha ha

LambdaChiTrojan: Saving the best for last. ScottSchrader: Okay, we're gonna let Kevin go and call Brice Butler.

LambdaChiTrojan: Have you played against any current or incoming Trojans?

trojanwarrior: Who wins in a pie eating contest between you, Derek, and your dad?

KevinCarden: Sounds good. Thanks a lot Kevin.

ScottSchrader: I am calling Brice Butler, now.

KevinCarden: Good luck at Fall Camp.

slc24: Fight On Kevin. Thanks.

KevinCarden: Brice has looked very good at the offseason workouts that started up last week.

KevinCarden: The receivers are going to be a real strength of the team this year.

ScottSchrader: Brice is on the phone. Ask away!!!

slc24: hey Brice

KevinCarden: Hey Brice, what have you been working on improving this offseason?

LambdaChiTrojan: Brice, what's your 40 at these days?

jbreezy7: Brice have you noticed any specific packages/situations where the coaching staff is comfortable in putting you in the game?

Brice Butler: I feel like the WR's will be a big part of the offense and be really mature, compared to a few years back. Especially with Coach Morton and Coach Bates calling the plays.

slc24: how excited are you for this year after redshirting last year?

jbreezy7: Have you noticed a change in Aaron Corp's arm strength since you got to SC?

Brice Butler: The biggest thing is I'm trying to get stronger. I want to become a bigger receiver and better blocker. No. 1 thing is getting stronger and I've been working with Taylor Mays and getting some extra work in.

LambdaChiTrojan: Can you give us a little 411 on what you like about each of our 4 QBs?

Brice Butler: I ran a 4.47 this offseason.

LambdaChiTrojan: Flying!

LambdaChiTrojan: sub 4.5

LambdaChiTrojan: wow

Brice Butler: I am extremely excited and I can't even explain it. Haven't played in a game since Dec. 2007, so I'm ready to step on the field again and make an impact.

KevinCarden: How impressed have you been with the emergence of Matt Barkley?

slc24: how is the offense going to ve different undr Morton and Bates?

jbreezy7: Brice, in your opinion what keeps OOS prospect that have SC offers from committing to SC and going elsewhere?

Brice Butler: Aaron's arm strength is better cause he's confident. He didn't want to make any mistakes, but now that he's the starter, he's throwing the ball the way he knows he can.

slc24: as your experience at SC been up to expectations so far?

Brice Butler: The offense will be more wide open and we'll take more chances down field. The running game will be more open because of us throwing the ball down field more. I'm really happy to have Morton and Bates as the coaching tandem.

trojanwarrior: Brice, which DB on the defense gives you the most difficulty in practice?

Brice Butler: No. 1 is distance and then second it's the fear they will never play.

slc24: yeah, as a fan I'm excited about what Bates and Morton bring to the offense.

KevinCarden: What have you learned from playing with and watching guys like Damian Williams and Ronald Johnson?

Brice Butler: Oh, yeah, I'm very happy in L.A.

Brice Butler: I would say none of them give me difficulty. Ha ha

trojanwarrior: Confident and arrogant!! My type of guy! Fight On!

slc24: did the succcess of OOS players at SC (Williams, Jarrett etc.) have an influence on you coming to SC?

KevinCarden: Hey coach, welcome to the chat.

LambdaChiTrojan: What's your favorite moment so far while at 'SC?

Brice Butler: They have taught me to fight through tough times and play hard all of the time. In high school we didn't have to go hard, but these guys go hard all the time.

coachrickp: Hey Kevin, is Brice and Graf on? Is Scott typing for them?

KevinCarden: Yeah, Scott is typing for Brice.

KevinCarden: Graf was the first half hour.

LambdaChiTrojan: Lucky me, time to play on the 405. Fight on everyone.

KevinCarden: What do you need to do in Fall Camp to take hold of the No.3 WR spot?

KevinCarden: See ya Lambda

slc24: ow good can Corp be?

coachrickp: Brice, what was the atmosphere like during the NFL Draft? Can you imagine what you may be going thru in a few years?

Brice Butler: My favorite moment was beating Ohio State with 97,000 in the stands. The Rose Bowl was tight, too. That's a great stadium.

trojanwarrior: Brice, hobbies...favorite restaurant...things to do since you moved to L.A. last year?

coachrickp: Brice, do you twitter? LOL

Brice Butler: I don't twitter.

Brice Butler: Just stay consistent and I didn't feel I was consistent in the spring. I feel like they want to put me in that in that spot, but I need to be more consistent so they have the confidence in me.

Brice Butler: Corp can great if he just does what he knows what to do. At SC, you just need to complete ;passes because we have great receivers and running backs. He just need to be confident, so he can play his best.

KevinCarden: What are your personal goals for the 2009 season?

Brice Butler: We had our spring game during the NFL draft and it was crazy. There were 20,000 in the stands waiting to hear where the SC players would get taken. Most of the TV analysts don't know what they are talking about when talking about our players strengths and weaknesses.

KevinCarden: LOL

slc24: that's the truth

KevinCarden: alright guys I have to run.

KevinCarden: See ya guys later

trojanwarrior: later brother

! KevinCarden: need to call some recruits

slc24: "experts" seem to be in abundance these days

slc24: later kevin

slc24: where would you have hgone if not SC?

Brice Butler: Favorite restaurant. is Cheesecake Factory when the money is right. I've been to Roscoe's and like it. Mostly every weekend I spend at Matt Barkley's. So I spend time with Matt and Robbie Boyer. We go to the beach and play volleyball. But the biggest hobby is video games with everyone on the football. We are really competitive and that's the way Coach Carroll trains us to be with everything.

Brice Butler: LSU

trojanwarrior: Nice! Chicken and waffles rule!

slc24: you definitely made the right choice.

slc24: what is your major? how's school going?

trojanwarrior: we know how competitive video games can be...well Dom Byrd knows how competitive Steve Smith is. LOL

Brice Butler: Policy, planning and development and it's going good. Freshman year is tough, but I feel I'll do much better now that I know what to expect.

slc24: are you a dodger fan?

trojanwarrior: Brice, does you dad still give you advice to help you understand the game or does he leave that up to Morton and Bates?

coachrickp: Remind us of your father's NFL career.

slc24: did he want you to go to fsu?

Brice Butler: I'm not really big on baseball. I'm a Laker fan, but I want Orlando to win because Howard went to school not far from my house.

Brice Butler: My dad gives me advkice all the time, and it helps, too. My dad played corner in the league, so knows the game.

Brice Butler: No, but my mom wanted me to go to FSU.

What teams did he play for? Years in the NFL?

Brice Butler: My dad was never pressuring me and my mom didn't really, either, but she wanted me to go FSU. My dad scheduled my visit to USC. I didn't even like USC at all until I visited. Then I loved it after my visit.

Brice Butler: The Falcons and played before free agency, so he played for 12 years.

slc24: what coaches had the biggest impact on your decision to go to SC?

coachrickp: Did your Dad play for Pete Carroll? ScottSchrader: One more question for Brice.

trojanwarrior: blonde or brunette?

trojanwarrior: lol

Brice Butler: T-Mac recruited me, but I feel all of the coaches were why I ended up at SC. Coach Carroll was a huge reason and he's great.

trojanwarrior: Fight On, Spiderman!

slc24: cool. thanks for chatting with us. Fight On!

Brice Butler: I'll tell Spiderman, fight on!! TJ is my roommate.

Scott Schrader: That's a wrap!

slc24: thanks Kevin and Scott

coachrickp: Thanks Scott, Brice Kevin

ScottSchrader: We'll have another chat after the Rising Stars Camp. Thanks for the great questions guys!

coachrickp: I wanna be the last poster

trojanwarrior: Great Job, Scott!

ScottSchrader: Thanks!

coachrickp: Hey. I'm the last poster. Top Stories