Whitney Lewis visit update

Whitney Lewis, a 6-1, 215 pound wide receiver from Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure visited USC this past weekend. We caught up with Whitney's mother Sheri Laws to get the run down on the visit.

"Whitney has a couple of school projects right now so he's out doing some research," Sheri said. "The trip was real nice and we both learned a lot. Whitney has been up there so much so he already knows all about the school and knows the players and coaches so well.

"For me, it was great to get some of my questions answered academically and just what a degree from USC means. Education is very important to me and that will weigh heavily in his decision. You can't play football forever and I really respect the program at USC and what they have to offer.

"The Trojan family they talk about is very impressive. It's not just locally or nation wide but internationally as well. Keary (Colbert) was Whitney's host and he's like family. Overall it was a great visit and we both enjoyed it a lot."

Lewis will visit Florida State (Jan. 24) but Sheri said there's still not sure where they're headed this weekend.

"It will be Arizona State but I still don't know which one right now," Sheri said. "We'll have to get that worked out quickly. I'll be going on the Florida State trip with him and that will probably be it. Right now, there's no timetable for when he'll make his decision. I know it will be close to Signing Day and if he doesn't know where he's going by then, we'll wait until after.

"Whitney won't rush this decision and won't decide until he's 100% certain of what he wants to do. If that's a week or more after Signing Day, so be it."

Lewis recently took the SAT and is still waiting to get his test results back. He scored a 1000 on the PSAT and is confident he did well on the SAT as well.

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