Bray Shines at USC's Skill Position Camp

Tyler Bray (6-6, 205), a relatively unknown three sport athlete from Kingsburg High near Fresno, Calif., was by far the most impressive quarterback at today's Skills Position Camp at USC. He displayed a strong and accurate arm, good footwork and also the necessary leadership qualities to run an offense at a school like USC.

We asked Bray his thoughts on his performance, and his reply was fairly humble.

"There was a little more pressure today than there was last week at UCLA, but I was satisfied and pretty happy with how I threw the ball," said Bray. "I was kind of tired after the UCLA camp because I play baseball and basketball, too. So I hadn't played much football." This wasn't Bray's first camp at USC and he'll return in less than two weeks to attend USC's biggest and talent rich Rising Stars Camp.

"I went to last year's Rising Stars Camp, too," said Bray. "I've gotten a lot faster since last year, my footwork is better, I'm a lot quicker and my arm strength has gotten a lot better. They just said they want to see me come and throw again at the Rising Stars Camp."

We spoke to Lakewood quarterback Jesse Scroggins about two weeks ago and he was told USC would bring in five to 10 quarterbacks and offer a scholarship to one. And that's what they told Bray, too.

"Yeah, that's what they've been talking about," said Bray about the quarterback competition for one scholarship on June 24-25. "I'm not from the L.A. area so I don't know much about the other quarterbacks, but I'll look them up on the internet."

USC may or may not offer Bray, but if the Trojans decide he's the quarterback for its 2010 class, Bray said he would be interested in USC.

"Definitely," said Bray when asked if USC would be a school he'd have serious interest in if the Trojans were to offer him a scholarship. "I've been talking to my parents and my coach about what they like, what I like, and we'll go from there."

The USC quarterbacks have all given new quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates rave reviews and we asked Bray what his impression of Bates was.

"He's a great guy and by far the coolest quarterback's coach I've met," said Bray about Jeremy Bates. "He a real down-to-earth guy, he knows a lot and he's a very fine quarterbacks coach."

One hurdle USC has to overcome in signing a quarterback in this class is the future depth chart at quarterback being stocked. Bray said the quarterback depth at USC is not a major concern of his.

"No, Matt Cassell went to USC and didn't play at all, and now he's in the NFL making millions," said Bray about USC's depth at quarterback being a concern. "It's more about the opportunity to play at USC than the depth chart being a problem." At least we know the opportunity to showcase his talent at USC today paid off and increased USC's interest in Bray immensely.

"Yeah, that camp kind of helped me out a lot," said Bray of the Saturday Skills Position Camp at USC.

We'll have much more from Bray after USC's June 24-25 Rising Stars Camp. Top Stories