Blackmon has strong performance at USC

2011 WR/DB Devon Blackmon from Summit High in Fontana (CA) was one of the most impressive and the fastest prospects at the USC Skills Position Camp on Saturday (June 13). He made numerous spectacular receptions and improved his cover skills as a DB after being coached up by Rocky Seto and Pete Carroll, but clearly looked much more comfortable and confident as a wide receiver.

It was the first camp Blackmon's attended at USC and said he enjoyed the experience.

"It was good," said Blackmon about his experience at USC's Skills Position Camp. "I learned a lot and they always kept me busy, so I was never bored. It was very hyped, too. And I thrive off of how hyped I can get, so I liked it…it was very good for me."

Blackmon, who believes he end up a wide receiver in college, appreciated being coached by USC wide receivers coach, John Morton.

"He taught me my wide receiver stance and how to get a better start," said Blackmon. "He stayed on my butt all day, which I liked, cause I need that sometimes. Overall, he was good."

Coach Seto and Carroll also spent personal time coaching Blackmon.

"They just talked about technique and Coach (Pete) Carroll helped me with my technique on how to break as a corner because I wasn't doing it right," said Blackmon. "When I started doing that right I did a lot better, and he was happy with it."

We asked Blackmon if the USC coaches talked about the possibility of offering him a scholarship in the future?

"I'm pretty sure they will be offering me a scholarship in the future, but I'm still just going into my junior year, so there's a rule they can't offer until Sept. 1," said Blackmon. "But they said they are definitely looking at me and said to keep up the good work."

Every year there are numerous prospects who attend camps at USC, but have little interest in attending the school. That's not the case with Blackmon, even though it appears UCLA is the school he‘s favoring at the moment.

"They are up there," said Blackmon when asked if he had interest in USC. "It's UCLA, USC, Oregon and all the Pac-10 schools are in it. I really like the way. I really like the way USC gets their players energized and all hyped up. That makes me want to get out there and practice. That's a part of the program I really enjoy.

"I just like UCLA, it's close to home, some of our coaches are from there, I already know some of the players and it just feels real good there, it's like home to me. I'm not saying I'm definitely going to go there, because I'm still looking at other schools and I'm going to take all my visits. But I just feel good there. I know Sheldon Price, Jayson Allmond and other guys. I also know Randall Carroll through track and Rahim Moore."

Next up for Blackmon is a camp at Oregon and then he'll be at UCLA for its camp June 22-23, so it's unlikely he'll attend this years Rising Stars Camp. "My legs will probably be tired after the Oregon and UCLA camps and my legs will need a rest, so I doubt I will attend the Rising Stars Camp," said Blackmon. "I'll definitely attend next year."

No matter how good a football player a kid is, there are always aspects of their games that are strengths and some that are weaknesses. Blackmon talked about what his strengths are as a football player and what he needs to work on.

"I probably need to work on my jamming and getting of the line, but my strong points are my speed, my quick feet and my hands," said Blackmon. "And my determination to get the ball."

We concluded the interview with Blackmon asking him if his experience at USC on Saturday enhanced his interest in the Trojans?

"You could say that," said Blackmon. "Right now I'm just focused on getting my name out there, but they made me work at USC and I liked that. They made me feel real good, so yes, it did spark my interest in USC."

At some point in the process, most who follow recruiting closely will be familiar with the name, Devon Blackmon. Top Stories