Williams dominates at USC OL/DL Camp

Brent Williams from Taft High in Woodland Hills put on one of the most impressive performances at USC's Offensive/Defensive Linemen Camp on Sunday (June 14). He was so quick of the edge, the offensive tackles he faced, I mean every tackle he faced, barely had time to turn around before he had gotten to the quarterback. It was an extremely impressive performance.

And the experience at the camp was one for ages according to Williams.

"It was great and something I will never forget," said Williams. "I got to work with the entire USC coaching staff and that was an opportunity I wanted to take advantage of. And I just had a great chance to shine and there was good competition as far as the O-line is concerned. There were guys I had a chance to go against I've seen at other camps. I did pretty well against everyone I went up against (understatement)."

In watching Williams and knowing he's 6-3 and 190 pounds, we couldn't help but wonder if Williams is the next Michael Morgan. A fast, but undersized outside linebacker prospect who could end up at 230 or 235 pounds by the time he's a junior. Williams said he and his uncle talked about that comparison.

"I came across that comparison and me and my uncle talked about that," said Williams. "I will definitely play outside linebacker because I'll never get big enough to play defensive end, but I can get up to 225 to 240 pounds and I'll probably play a hybrid-stand-up linebacker like Aaron Maybin of Penn State. I can see myself as an outside linebacker/D-end, but I know wherever I go, they are going to use me as a pass rusher, because that is what I love to do."

Williams worked out in the morning with Coach Jethro Franklin and the defensive linemen, and formed a very high opinion of Franklin. He also appreciated Franklin's vast coaching knowledge.

"Coach Franklin is a great coach and it seems like he is so experienced, Williams said. "He taught me all I need to know and when he directed me to do something, I just did it. That's what the entire coaching staff is like, they all know what they are talking about and produce champions. They always send guys to the league and they are always teaching you how to be a better player, and a better person in general. It's a great opportunity to hear from any of those coaches and for them to sit down and talk to me was something very special."

In the afternoon session of the camp Williams worked out with Ken Norton, USC's linebackers coach. We asked Williams what the coaches were telling him, specifically Norton.

"They were telling me I'm athletic and I can play the position I'm playing right now at Taft," said Williams. "I can play defensive end, but I project myself playing outside linebacker in college. I've got to get better at playing linebacker, so when I got an opportunity to work with Coach (Ken) Norton as a linebacker, we had a little one on one and it was a great experience. I've got real good hips, real good feet and I can move my hips, so the transition to linebacker isn't going to that tough. So, they were preaching to me, if I did work myself into an offer, it would be as a linebacker."

After the camp Williams had an opportunity to speak individually with the coaches and essentially was told, as has been the case with all coaches, the USC coaches will continue to evaluate him and see if he can keep adding much needed weight. There's no doubt in Williams' mind whether or not he can and will.

"They want to keep evaluating me and see if I can keep putting on weight," Williams said. "I had to explain to them that between my sophomore and junior year, I broke my foot, so I never had a chance to work with weights. This is the first year I've really worked hard with lifting weights and I finished my junior season at 170 pounds, but I've gained 20 pounds during the off season. The deal with all of the coaches I talk to, not just USC, is how much can I really put on? So, I need to continue to put on weight to prove to the coaches that I can." With all the love USC was showing Williams on Sunday, none of that would really matter if he didn't have any interest in the Trojans. It turns out, USC is one of two schools Williams has extremely high interest in.

"Yeah, I love USC, I love the atmosphere, the coaches and I love everything about USC," said Williams. "It's one of my favorite colleges along with Virginia Tech and it's just a great opportunity to be basically right down the street, so I can be around the university. It's definitely one of my favorite schools."

Williams was asked if he had an opportunity to speak to Taft teammate D.J. Morgan after the camp? "I actually talked to DJ the morning after the camp when I got to school," said Williams. "I kind of let him know what happened and he was excited for me and Antwuan Woods, and the others who were out there from Taft (Brandon Mitchell)."

Every year Taft is one of the top programs in southern California and Williams said he takes pride in the rich tradition of the program.

"It's just a program with a great tradition and when I first got there they were preaching that we have to uphold the tradition with everything we do," said Williams. It's all about working hard and going hard all the time, and we respect that. When you get preached something over and over, it just becomes habit. We don't need to be told to work hard, because that's all we do."

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