Ryan Watson discusses USC visit

Ryan Watson, out of River Ridge, Louisiana, was among the recruits on their official visit this past weekend at USC. The highly touted defensive lineman talks about the trip and discusses the impact it had.

WeAreSC- How was your visit to USC this past weekend?


Watson- "Oh, it was awesome."


WeAreSC- Go through the weekend a little and talk about some of the things you did.


Watson- "When I got there Friday, I went to the beach.  That was the first thing I saw.  We went to Manhattan Beach.  We went right there by the pier.  After that, we went and ate at a restaurant, The Palms.  After that, we went to the school and did all of the academic stuff.  That night we ate at Universal City Walk and we went out with all of the players to Miyagi's.  It was cool, I liked that.  It got real in there.  The next morning we went to the athletic department and did a lot of academic stuff that day.  We also did a little football talk, and you know, met with our position coaches and we went over film and the defense.  Then at night we ate at Papadakis'.  Oh man, that was nice.  I enjoyed myself there.  The owner was wild.  They danced a lot, they pulled a player up to dance with them, and it was just a lot of fun.  After that we went out again to the House of Blues.  We saw Etta James.  After that, I just chilled with Alex Holmes for awhile.  Then on Sunday morning we went to Coach Carroll's house and then I came home."


WeAreSC- Did you get a chance to check out the Coliseum on the trip?


Watson- "Yeah, we went to the Coliseum Saturday before we went to Papadakis'.  That was nice, how they introduced all of the players on the intercom.  In the locker room they had our numbers on our jerseys."


WeAreSC- So was Alex Holmes your host, and how did you get along with him?


Watson- "Yeah, he was the coolest person.  We got along.  Every night after we went out, we'd go eat out at a taco house, Benito's.  At 4 o'clock we'd go eat there.  We had a lot of fun.  We exchanged numbers and he called me yesterday."


WeAreSC- Did you commit on the trip?


Watson- "I talked about it.  It was more like a ‘I'll see what I want to do after I take my other two visits.'  There's more than a chance that Southern Cal is the place, but I told them that I'll check my other two visits out."


WeAreSC- I heard that some of your family was there.  What did they think of the visit?


Watson- "Just my mother and my brother came.  My brother was impressed.  My mother really didn't come to anything.  She went with my family out there, in San Fernando Valley, and I have one uncle that stays in Watts and another that stays in Los Angeles."


WeAreSC- You mentioned that you had a chance to talk to the coaches.  What did they talk to you about as far where you would fit in on that defense?


Watson- "Coach Orgeron told me that I'm an inside player and he said that he would love to coach me there.  He showed me how the basic defense is run.  I talked to Coach Carroll about it and everything."


WeAreSC- I know that you've talked to Coach Orgeron a lot over the phone.  What do you think of him after meeting him on campus and having a chance to talk to him there?


Watson- "He's a cool man.  He's from where I'm from, you know, he's from Southern Louisiana, so we can relate that way.  He's a very impressive man.  He's very loud."


WeAreSC- I heard some of the other recruits committed on the trip.


Watson- "Yeah, a lot of kids.  Sedrick Ellis committed, and a few other kids.  A DB, Desmond [Reed], he wanted to commit, but I don't think he did yet."


WeAreSC- Would the fact that USC is getting some big commits be an influence?


Watson- "Yeah, that would be nice."


WeAreSC- When I talked to you before the trip, you were pretty excited to come out to Los Angeles.  Did it live up to your expectations?


Watson- "Yeah, it was a little more.  Shoot, that was awesome."


WeAreSC- What other schools are you looking at and where else will you visit?


Watson- "I'm going to LSU and then Miami.  I'm still looking at Colorado too."


WeAreSC- Out of all of the schools that you are looking at right now, do you have a leader?


Watson- "I really don't have a leader, no, I wouldn't say that."


WeAreSC- I know that your teammate, Carnell Stewart, is looking at some of the same schools that you are.  Will that impact your decision?


Watson- "Yes and No, because this weekend he was supposed to go to Southern Cal, and he went to Florida.  But he told me that he wanted to go to SC on the 31st."


WeAreSC- So he still might be coming out to USC for a visit?


Watson- "Yeah."


WeAreSC- Do you have any idea about when you want to make your decision on a school?


Watson- "I'll probably do it a little before signing day because I'm not going on a visit on the 31st.  So after my Miami visit, I'll make it official."

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