A parent's view of a USC recruiting weekend

WeAreSC.com caught up with the parents of Sedrick Ellis on Monday to get the skinny on their weekend visit to USC as well as Sedrick's commitment to SC. Much has been reported about the recruit's itinerary during a weekend visit, but Mr. Ellis was gracious enough to give us a view from the parent's side.

Sedrick and his parents started their official visit on campus with an academic meeting.  From there everyone went to the local downtown hotel used by SC to check-in and get settled.  For those wondering, the parents and recruit have separate rooms on different floors.  The recruits are actually all on one floor while the parents are not.  The coaches then meet the parents a bit later in one of the hotel's conference rooms to go over the weekend and chat.  From there the parents went with most of the coaches to the Charthouse in Redondo Beach.  Mr. Ellis said he could not remember eating so much.  The recruits have their own activities sometimes at Staples Center, and sometimes at Universal City Walk on Friday evening.


Saturday starts with breakfast on campus for everyone.  There are then tours of the dorms, weight room, practice field, and other football offices/locker rooms/dining rooms, etc.  Coach Carroll has a Q and A session with the parents while 5 current players have a Q and A session of their own with the recruits.  Everyone then heads over to the Coliseum in the late afternoon/early evening for another tour where the jerseys and nameplates of the recruits are placed in the locker room.  The recruits have their names and numbers up on the Coliseum scoreboard upon walking onto the field.  It was shortly after this when Sedrick decided it was the right time to commit to USC surprising his parents.  Everyone then heads down to Papadakis's Taverna in San Pedro, which is the favorite event for many of the parents and recruits.  Most times the parent's head back to the hotel after dinner while the recruits are taken out by their hosts.


Sunday is spent at Coach Carroll's home with breakfast, ping-pong, basketball, and other social activities.  The Ellis's could not say enough about what a great time they had and how much fun it was to meet so many people who would be involved with their son for the next four years.


Sedrick Ellis is currently 6'3", 260 pounds, and has run a 4.78 forty.  He finished the season with 121 tackles, which lead his team from his defensive lineman position.  Ellis also had 6 and a half sacks, numerous caused fumbles, and even played some fullback (he had a 70 yard run called back because of a penalty.)  He was the Defensive MVP for the Serra League and The Los Angeles Times Defensive Lineman of the Year among several other honors.  Mr. Ellis mentioned Sedrick was held all season always being double-teamed, and often triple teamed.  In fact, the same held true for Sedrick at the CaliFlorida game. 


Even though Sedrick had visited Oklahoma and LSU, Mr. Ellis commented that USC was the families favorite choice, however the final decision was left to Sedrick alone.  Ellis is fully qualified having achieved a passing SAT score last June.  He wants to major in history.  Sedrick will be at as many spring practices as possible and is planning on starting Coach Carlise's fitness program on his own in February.  He will be at all the voluntary summer workouts as he is determined to play early and often.  Coach Carroll mentioned Sedrick would play if he earns that time in fall camp.  The Ellis's attended the Notre Dame game this past November and left at the end of the 3rd quarter.  When asked why they left so early, Mr. Ellis remarked; "We had seen all we needed to see as that game was a blowout."  Get ready to leave early a lot next fall Mr. Ellis!

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