Brown Looking to Impress at Rising Stars

Fontana (CA) Kaiser running back/defensive back Anthony Brown has been one of the busiest and most impressive recruits on the West Coast this offseason, turning heads at several camps along the way. This week, Brown will be at the Rising Stars Camp and believes a strong performance could land him an offer from USC. Look inside for more.

Fontana (CA) Kaiser running back/defensive back Anthony Brown has been one of the busiest and most impressive recruits on the West Coast this offseason, turning heads at the L.A. Nike Camp, Stanford Nike Camp, FBU Combine and the B2G Elite Training Camp along the way.

"I've been through a lot of competition," Brown said. "I've been up north, I've been everywhere around here to see the best. People have been coming from out of town to all of these camps, so I've seen some of the top guys."

Brown's latest stop was at the USC Skills Camp earlier this month, where he made the switch from tailback to the defensive side of the ball, and stole the show as a cornerback.

"I went out there with a killer instinct because I knew what they wanted; I knew what they wanted to see from me," Brown said. "I played defensive back the whole day because USC is recruiting me as a defensive back."

"I didn't do any running back stuff this time which was awkward but I can play DB just as well as I can play running back. It wasn't really a problem for me. I had that assassin mentality in me, so I performed really well and I was aggressive, and USC likes being aggressive."

Brown was considered by many observers as the top defensive player at the USC Skills Camp and caught the eye of the USC coaching staff with his strong showing.

"They said I did excellent. I was one of the top defensive backs there and I was really happy to hear that coming from them," Brown said. "I just want to go back out there Thursday and show them that I wasn't having a lucky day.

"I'm going to go out there and show everything that I did last week, and get the job done."

Brown has offers from Nebraska, Colorado, Nevada and UTEP but is hearing from several programs, and is confident that USC could be the next school to come through with an offer.

"Nebraska is coming hard at me right now. USC, I'm really getting ready for the offer," Brown said. "Something good is going to happen real soon with USC, so I'm waiting for that too.

"The last camp I went up there and did pretty well at DB. Pete Carroll and everybody saw me in person and got a feel for me so I'm going to the Rising Stars Camp next Thursday, so I will be looking for something then."

The three-star prospect will only be able to attend one day of the Rising Stars Camp this week, but plans to make the most of his time on the USC campus.

"It's a two day camp and I have to miss Wednesday, but I've talked to Brennan Carroll about that and he was cool," Brown said. "The most important will be Thursday and I will be there ready to go with the same mentality that I had last weekend.

"The Rising Stars Camp is supposed to be the big dogs and the five-star guys, so I'm looking forward to going to that and competing with them as well. I want to show them that I can be a five-star too, and at the same time be humble about it."

Brown understands the opportunity that is in front of him at the Rising Stars Camp and wants to eliminate the distractions so he can stay within himself.

"At the other camp, I knew I was coming back to the Rising Stars Camp and my mind has been set on that, but I'm not trying to think about that too hard, so I can just go in there and play my type of game the entire time.

"My goal is to be the MVP of the defensive backs."

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