USC offers elite 2011 Serra WR Farmer

2011 elite wide receiver George Farmer IV didn't have any plans to attend USC's Rising Stars Camp, but Wednesday evening his father, George Farmer III, got word USC wanted his son to observe the morning session of the camp and then had plans to offer Farmer IV a scholarship.

So the Farmers arrived at USC around 10:30 a.m. and headed to Howard Jones Field where they were greeted by the USC coaching staff. And every Trojan coach met with Farmer and he spent considerable time with him out on the field.

During the lunch break, the Farmer's went to Heritage Hall, met with Coach Pete Carroll and his staff, and Farmer IV was offered a scholarship. It was an extremely proud moment for George Farmer III and a dream come true for George Farmer IV. But Farmer IV, as much as he likes USC, is not going to commit to a school anytime soon. It‘s far too early to do that in his father‘s opinion and a lot can happen in two years.

SCPlaybook spoke to George Farmer III late Thursday evening to get his thoughts on what transpired at USC during the Rising Stars Camp lunch break, his thoughts about his son being offered by the Trojans, what Coach Carroll talked about during the meeting in his office and more…

"I should start off by saying I was flattered they offered George a scholarship," Farmer said. "Coach (Pete) Carroll was very forthright, every coach was in there, it was real relaxed and Pete Carroll basically said they really liked my kid, they were very interested in him and he was No. 1 on their list for the class of 2011."

The first time Farmer IV visited USC was for the Skills Position Camp last year and although he had an outstanding performance, he admitted afterward he was a little intimidated in meeting some of the coaches, especially Coach Pete Carroll. This year, Farmer seemed extremely comfortable in talking with coaches and seemed to really enjoy the time he spent with the them on Thursday.

"He's relaxed because he knows this is all a blessing," Farmer said. "It speaks volumes about him and his character and when the time is right, he's going to sit down with his mom and dad, and make the decision that is best for him. But I'm going to be honest with you, I told him that the best path for his future success was paved for him on Thursday."

If Farmer IV were to choose USC as the school he will attend, his position coach would be John Morton. Farmer III, a wide receiver who played eight years in the NFL, was asked about his impression of Morton.

"I was really impressed with him," said Farmer. "He hasn't seen a lot of film on George and he's heard all the wonderful things about him, but he's really impressed with George because of his size, his maturity and his athleticism. He said that he has George ranked at the top. A few of the coaches said by the time he gets out of high school, he's going to be bigger than a lot of the kids they have out there now. A few were also talking about playing him on defense and Coach Carroll stepped in and said, "No, no, no, he's going to play receiver.'

"And if he goes to USC, he will have an opportunity to play right away because Coach Carroll said he will be revamping his whole wide receiver corp in 2011. I had already done my homework and looked at the wide receivers and noticed that. He also said it‘s not a question of when he‘s going to get on the field, because he‘s going to get on the field. Sometimes timing means everything. George couldn‘t be more perfect for a school in transition with their wide receivers."

We also asked Farmer III if Coach Pete Carroll was the kind of coach he would have enjoyed playing for?

"Very much, because what you see is what you get with Coach Carroll," said Farmer. "You see his enthusiasm for the game and you can see why is where he's at. And he wants kids who want to come in and compete and be a part of something special."

So, George Farmer IV is now one of a select few 2011 prospects USC has offered and in the end, USC will have a solid shot at getting most of them. Farmer IV, Jalen Grimble and Christian Westerman all have high interest in USC.

We'll have more from Farmer IV later this week. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday. Top Stories