Arizona star and family set to visit USC

Keanu Nelson from Sabino High in Tucson, Ariz., has been on the Trojans radar for a long time and he was scheduled to attend USC's June 24-25 Rising Stars Camp, but an injury he incurred at a team camp at San Diego St. prevented Nelson from making the trip to Los Angeles.

But Nelson's interest in USC remained high and he will take an unofficial visit to USC later this month.

"I definitely have high interest in USC," said Nelson. "Obviously they are prestigious for football and have a lot of tradition, so yeah, I am very interested in USC. Coach Franklin wrote me not long ago that the Rising Stars Camp was a big deal because Coach (Pete) Carroll likes to meet kids in person before he offers them a scholarship. So, I really wish I could have gone, but I'm coming up to USC on July 22. My family worked it out so I could take a visit there and we'll see what happens after that. I have the sense I will be offered a scholarship once I visit, but I won't know if that's going to happen for sure until I get there."

Nelson hasn't talked to USC head football coach Pete Carroll, yet, but he has spoken to USC defensive line coach Jethro Franklin a few times and formed a favorable opinion of Franklin. Franklin took over recruiting Arizona for the Trojans when Nick Holt left USC for Washington.

"I have talked to Coach Franklin twice, now," said Nelson. "I like him a lot and think I have a great relationship with him. He's actually really funny, not uptight and not what you expect your typical coach to be like. I can definitely see how that would rub off on his players. It seems like he likes to have fun and that's what goes on at USC. Especially because they win a lot, too"

Some of the coaches take the entire month of July off, or at least a few weeks and aren't frequently on campus the month before fall camp begins, so Nelson isn't certain which coaches will be at USC when he and his family visit on July 22.

"I talked to the DBs coach (Rocky Seto) and I know he's going to be there, and Coach Franklin is going to be there," said Nelson. "They said Coach Carroll should be there, but they aren't 100% sure. I hope he's there and it would be a bummer if he isn't, but he's a busy man and I understand that. But I hope he's there and really hope I get to meet him."

Although he doesn't have any dates set for official visits, Nelson did mention two schools he said he will definitely take official visits to.

"I'm definitely going to take an official visit to Stanford, I can say that without any hesitation," said Nelson. "I know I'll visit Stanford and UCLA and probably won't take an official visit to Arizona because I can visit there whenever I want. I'd rather use that official visit to see another school. But if a decision is made by me and my parents that it's best for me to take an official visit to U of A, I will. If I didn't live in Arizona, I would definitely take an official visit."

Most of the schools recruiting Nelson, one of the top five prospects from Arizona in the 2010 class, are recruiting him as an athlete, but the Trojans are more interested in Nelson coming in as a cornerback.

"It seems that way," said Nelson when asked if USC was recruiting him as a cornerback. "I didn't talk to the offensive coordinator/wide receivers coach, but I did talk to the defensive coordinator and Dbs coach and believe cornerback is the position they have the most interest in me for, but most schools are recruiting me as an athlete. I might prefer playing on offense a little more, but I'll play wherever a coach wants me to."

We will talk to Nelson again this month after he and his family visit USC on July 22. Top Stories