Desmond Reed talks about USC verbal

WeAreSC caught up with the newest Trojan commit, Desmond Reed, out of Temple City. The super playmaker talks about his decision and some interesting news concerning where he might play as a Trojan.

WeAreSC- I heard you committed to USC.


Reed- "Yeah, I did."


WeAreSC- When did you let the coaches know and what was their reaction?


Reed- "I told them Monday when they came by the school.  I told Coach Carroll and Coach Sarkisian.  They were pretty happy because I'm a player that can play on offense and defense, so hopefully they can use my talents on both sides."


WeAreSC- It seems like you've been leaning to USC for awhile.  What made you decide to commit now?


Reed- "Since I got to go down there, I got to see everything and see what goes on, like where the team stays, the academics, and all of that.  It really made my decision."


WeAreSC- Why do you choose USC?


Reed- "Well, mainly because they have a good business program.  And two, is playing time.  I'm looking to play for a successful team right now."


WeAreSC- You mentioned that you are capable of playing on both sides of the ball. What have the coaches talked to you about in regards to what your role on the team might be?


Reed- "Coach Carroll said, ‘don't keep your mind set on defense because you might play offense also.'  I can play slot receiver and corner, and also special teams, returning kicks and stuff like that."


WeAreSC- What do you think of Coach Carroll and what role did he play in your decision?


Reed- "He's a good coach and he has a good coaching staff behind him, and their program is doing well right now.  The place to be is USC."


WeAreSC- Talk a little about your trip to USC last weekend and the impact that had on you.


Reed- "It had a very big impact because I got to see all of the academic programs.  I got to go over the tutoring, see who would be my counselors, I got to talk to the counselors, and all of that.  Probably the best part of the trip was eating at Papadakis' restaurant.  It was a lot of fun, with belly dancers and things like that.  We got together and just talked about everything.  At the Coliseum, it was real nice.  Up on the big screen they announced our names and the city we were from, and that was just a cool experience altogether."


WeAreSC- Who was your host on that trip and how did you get along?


Reed- "It was Marcel Allmond.  We get along good.  I've been there a couple times and I hung out with him.  He told me about everything there is to know, and just basically showed me the ropes."


WeAreSC- What do you think of this recruiting class that is being put together by USC?


Reed- "I think USC has the number one class in the nation right now.  I know most of the players so it's going to be cool going in and kicking it with them, and just focusing on school and becoming a better player."


WeAreSC- I know that quite a few of your teammates from the CaliFlorida Bowl were USC commits.  Were those guys trying to get you to commit during that week of practice?


Reed- "Oh yeah, oh yeah.  Drean Rucker, Lawrence Jackson, and those guys.  They were just saying, "When are you going to sign.  You need to belong to the Trojan family, that's where you get treated well.  That's the place to be."


WeAreSC- Are you going to be going on any more official visits?


Reed- "No, I don't think so."


WeAreSC- What are you going to be doing now that your season and this decision is over?


Reed- "Just lifting and running everyday.  It'll give me more time to focus on my school work."


WeAreSC- Are you going to be working out up on campus this summer?


Reed- "Oh yeah.  The whole summer.  I think I might go down there after signing day."


WeAreSC- So the next uniform that you're going to be putting on is a Trojan uniform.  What does it feel like to know that?


Reed- "Oh, it feels really good.  USC has our rival's colors, but I'll get over that." Top Stories