July 21 SCPlaybook Recruiting Chat Transcript

On Tuesday night SCPlaybook had Bob Redman from FightinGators.com join us for a chat to talk about numerous 2010 Florida prospects, the outlook for the Gators in 2009 and more. We also chatted for about an hour and discussed USC recruiting, and the outlook for the Trojans this season. Below is the transcript from the chat.

TrojanJP> hey USCemper

ScottSchrader> Yeah, and it's getting crowded in here, too JP.

SCemper> No, Lefheit, I believe it spells his name?

TrojanJP> bridge traffic wasn't pleasant.

ScottSchrader> JP, Bob Redman from our Florida site is taking questions.

TrojanJP> sweet! what has he already covered so I don't repeat?

BobRedman> Benedict is the coolest kid I ever interviewed. He is very with it. A monster that just seems to keep growing...I think he is betters suited for a drop back offense though and he doesn't have the best foot speed and they question his arm length.

BobRedman> Cemper, oh Leifheit...I know he came by UF, but the Gators feel good about who they are getting and do not want to mess that up.

BobRedman> he came by in the last two weeks.

ScottSchrader> Bob, this isn't a recruiting question, but how much does the loss of Harvin impact the offense?

USCemper> Bob, how do you think Lane Kiffin will do at Tenn.?

TrojanJP> Bob, what is the story on Travon Van?

BobRedman> Scott, it will be different....but harvin missed three games in 2008 including the 31 points the gators scored against bama in the SEC title game. Honestly the Gators have never had anything like Harvin, but the defense returns 21 of 22 on the two deep and all 11 starters and I just don't see it mattering until the bowl season.

BobRedman> They will lean heavier on three backs that rushed for 1600 plus yeards and a 7.6 yards per carry average.

trojanwarrior> UF was lucky that the BCS screwed up again...SC would have had Tebow on his knees praying.

trojanwarrior> Oh yeah...I said it! J

USCemper> Praying...that's funny TW!

BobRedman> Bama said the same thing TW, but I am all for a UF and USC matchup, your but Scott and I have been praying for that for four years.

trojanwarrior> Bama was very overrated in my opinion.

BobRedman> I agree, but very good defense...and I understand not as good as USC's.

SCT73> Scott, what is your opinion on our chances with Woods?

TrojanJP> if they get a solid QB though they could do very well.

ScottSchrader> I had typed in another question. SCT I believe Woods ends up at USC. tyrranttrojan25> What about Kenny Stills?

SCT73> Scott, thanks. Who do you think we will end up with as CB's?

ScottSchrader> Kenny doesn't say it publicly, but USC is his top school.

TrojanJP> Scott, is this Tony Jefferson news legit?

BobRedman> by the way, I think you guys get Jeffereson in the end, told Scott that tonight.

ScottSchrader> Let's ask Bob questions now, I'll answer after.

pronolo> Bob,is USC leading for any of the Florida players?

trojanwarrior> Bob, what's the word on the Green boys from down yonder.

TrojanJP> cool. Bob, can you give us any information on Travon Van? That commitment took me by surprise.

SCT73> Bob, does UF lose any games this year?

BobRedman> SCT,I don't see it until the BCS game and then have to see the matchup....just too much returning and basically owned the SEC outside of five turnovers to Ole Miss.

BobRedman> Trojan JP, not sure if you saw his video, but it is scary good, am surprised he wasn't more hyped.

TrojanJP> I had to go watch it after he committed.

SCT73> Who could beat them in the NC game? it will tough for us to make it and if we did we go with a first year QB vs a complete returning D and a Heisman senior QB.

BobRedman> bradford is awesome, but who willhe throw too outside of his tight end and his OLine is gone. Texas is tough too

BobRedman> I want you guys, just think that is the recruiting juggernauts going head to Head

TrojanJP> Bob, any legitimacy to those who say Urban and Carroll are purposely going after more players in each other's state?

BobRedman> Big 12 defenses are just bad though...Florida only scored 24 points but ran up 500 yards

BobRedman> JP has todo with new assistant Brian White...he is an excellent recruiter and knows how to talk to the kids and get them interested both Meer and PFC cherry pick the states...toomuch talent in the home state to spend too much time in the other

BobRedman> Meyer and PC sorry

TrojanJP> i understood ya lol

SCT73> That will be the day when Stoops wins a game like that. And Mac Brown is only allowed one fluke per lifetime.

trojanwarrior> That would be Corch Meyerz

BobRedman> oh lord TW, don't get me started...and I'm from Jax where Corrine Brown is from

trojanwarrior> haha

ScottSchrader> LOL

USCemper> Bob, what's Brian White background?

BobRedman> I do want that robbe however

BobRedman> He actually just came from Washington, but he is just one of the connections with powell, through the coach...He also coached Justin McCay's coach and that has helped a lot with mcCay.

BobRedman> He coached with urban at Notre Dame is how they got to know each other USCemper> Thank you, Bob

trojanwarrior> Why did Coach only stick with Troy Starr for one year?

BobRedman> Troy left....he couldn't handle the time it took to work for Meyer...they are still very good friends

BobRedman> BTW,I think the only two Cali kids making it this week to UF are Powell and Jordon James.

TrojanJP> Bob, what was the story with James Louis?

BobRedman> the kid wants to commit and they are making him earn it at Friday Night Lights...I thik they take him then but not a given

TrojanJP> Any truth to the speculation that he is now favoring UNC?

BobRedman> JP, I think it gets done at FNL for Florida…

trojanwarrior> If God has a sense of humor, Tennessee will beat UF...will Coach be able to handle that? LOL

TrojanJP> Thanks SCT73> Bob, opinion on Immanuel Moody?

TrojanJP> hey reddline

reddline> hey hows it going!

BobRedman> Moody is the best back the Gators have..

USCemper> Cheatinest more than Alabama, that can't be!

reddline> i see a few of us made a switch from wearesc lol

TrojanJP> Can you elaborate? Lol

USCemper> I know, I go to Knoxville periodically. Got business there.

trojanwarrior> I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the SEC media days

BobRedman> Nope, but I won't have to in a few more weeks you will know

TrojanJP> well played sir

SCT73> Cheating in the SEC?

BobRedman> TW, it is often "festive" this year it is likely to be crazy.

trojanwarrior> it should be televised.

reddline> haha i loved the interview with rojo...he seemed so giddy when 'what to expect from this offense this season'...can't wait to see wuts unleashed.

SCT73> Who is Florida's QB next year Bob?

trojanwarrior> Brantley

BobRedman> John Brantley is chomping at the bit

SCT73> Bob, with 11 starters back on D at UF, how many do they lose next year?

TrojanJP> Bob, how would you react if Newton ended up at Tenn?

BobRedman> three senior linebackers, two will start, and two DE's one is a senior, one will go pro. so four starters gone and 7 return again for 2010.

BobRedman> JP,might be a good fit for him. Newton is good but he isn't the answer for him.

SCT73> Isn't Brantley more of a straight passing QB like Leak?

BobRedman> yes SCT, but so was Alex Smith at Utah....smart quarterbacks will excel in the offense despite physical limitations to run it at full speed.

BobRedman> its all about getting the ball to someone quickly in the open field and letting them do their thing.

SCT73> Bob, will Tebow play QB in the NFL? And I mean play, not make a roster and sit for years.

reddline> lol

TrojanJP> tough question I guess

trojanwarrior> Tebow will be a TE

reddline> TE or fullback

jbreezy7> Hey all did I miss anythingearth shattering such as Jeff Luc to SC? Ha Ha

BobRedman> I think Tebow is a winner, teams are going to wild cat stuff for a reason now.

reddline> i just think tebow isn't fast enought to run a wild cat in the nfl.

SCT73> How similar is the UF O to what Chip Kelly is running in Oregon?

BobRedman> ya know reddline, it's the same excuse we heard about the Florida offense in the SEC and it just hasn't mattered.

reddline> well nfl speed is much faster than sec

BobRedman> SEC speed this and that is too quick for UF offense, yet they have dominated the defenses in the league for two years now.

reddline> every college player brings up how fast the nfl is compared to college...every player is fast

BobRedman> my point is that it's the same argument and until he tries you just don't know for sure.

reddline> i agree but i don't see tebow having much success putting his head down and running up the middle...too much punishment for a qb in the nfl.

trojanwarrior> You mean like that LSU defense that was sucking wind against Troy? BobRedman> people don't understand the basic concept of the spread...in essence, you have eliminated one defender from the box by spreading an extra player wide...then you have eliminated another defender when the QB runs the ball because he is usually not accounted for in defensive schemes when running the ball.

BobRedman> you basically have one extra blocker and more space when you have an effective quarterback that can run the ball.

reddline> i understand i just question its longterm relevance in the nfl.

reddline> it was new last yr...i want to see how effective it is this year

BobRedman> everyone questioned it when Meyer arrived at UF too...now even Spurrier is trying to use some of it's basic concepts in his offense

USCemper> Personally, and I don't mean any disrespect to the kid, I don't think Tebow is an NFL QB. Sorry.

reddline> sorry for the derail this is bout college football and not nfl

BobRedman> no problem, one of us will be right.

BobRedman> we shall see

SCT73> Bob, what do you think of TJ Bryant?

BobRedman> Good to great player, how did he do out there last year? Honestly those Lincoln kids were kept so under wraps it was crazy at times

trojanwarrior> TJ has great instincts and really goes after the ball I think he will be a part of the nickel package this year.

SCT73> I guess Pete is behind the times and destined for obsolesence because the spread is not coming to USC any time in the foreseeable future.

TrojanJP> the spread isn't the only way to win.

TrojanJP> just one

reddline> thats why i wished it was usc vs florida...speed negates the spreads Effectiveness

SCT73> Seto told me that when Bryant can gain some strength (and weight) he will be a star. Best young corner he has recruited.

BobRedman> kay folks, I think I need to get going

TrojanJP> thanks for answering our questions Bob

reddline> thanks bob

trojanwarrior> Thanks, Bob...appreciate your candor

ScottSchrader> Thanks Bob!! You were great.

BobRedman> we want to play SC so bad here because of all the recruiting names that folks at our site know...would be great

reddline> u and every college football fan!

ScottSchrader> Okay, I have some time to answer USC recruiting questions.

BobRedman> alright guys, win out until January and we will try and do the same

trojanwarrior> Go UGA!

reddline> lol

trojanwarrior> haha

BobRedman> or is that Oregon State?

SCT73> Scott, tell me what corners you think we are prioritizing and have a good shot at?

BobRedman> anyway,see ya

trojanwarrior> hey at least we lost on the road.

reddline> perfect timing to quit and not answer that question

reddline> lol

ScottSchrader> Anthony Brown, Demetrius Wright and I know SC loves Josh Shaw, but he looks like a safety.

TrojanJP> Scott, is the Tony Jefferson news legit?

ScottSchrader> No matter what happens, SC will be extremely solid in the secondary for years to come.

SCT73> Scott, is Henderson a legit recruit for us or long shot?

ScottSchrader> What news about Jefferson? That he dropped SC?<[p> TrojanJP> yea

ScottSchrader> SCT, I'm not sure about Henderson.

SCT73> How about Matthews? Still A & M?

ScottSchrader> Yes, Jefferson told me the depth chart is too deep.

USCemper> Scott, what are our chances with Leifheyt (spell?)?

ScottSchrader> Everyone I know who kows JMatt, says he's not leaving the state of Texas. Leifheit has serious interest in SC. A second visit says a lot and he will officially visit as well.

pronolo> Scott, what 2 or 3 OL would you be happy with USC landing?

SCT73> Scott, have you heard any input from players on Jeremy Bates?

ScottSchrader> Most would have been happy with Crosthwaite, Rowland, Schwab and one more, but Di Poalo, Schwab, Leifheit and Michael Criste would work for the Trojans.

ScottSchrader> The players LOVE Bates!

USCemper> Scott, is ther a problem with Patrick Hall?

ScottSchrader> Birdy has to finish his summer school courses before he can enroll. He told me he's doing well.

reddline> ya rojo sounded giddy in the video interview when bringing up the 2009 usc Offense

USCemper> Great, thank you.

SCT73> Scott, is Prater an option?

ScottSchrader> All of the offensive players are actually excited about Bates.

reddline> ahhh thats great to hear scott!

ScottSchrader> I don't have any reason to believe Prater will be a Trojan. But he he says he will visit USC.

ScottSchrader> I can see a WR class of Woods, Cobbs and Stills being a strong possibility.

tyrranttrojan25> would that hurt us for farmer next year?

ScottSchrader> Nothing will hurt SC when it comes to Farmer.

tyrranttrojan25> woot

USCemper> Scott, have you seen O'Dowd and how does he look? Is he coming along alright?

SCT73> How about Riley and Pullard Scott?

ScottSchrader> I have not seen Kris, but I've heard he's doing great physically.

reddline> ughhh i cringed when they showed 'oregon state upsets #1 usc' on the espy awards…

ScottSchrader> believe Riley ends up a Trojan and Pullard really likes SC, but he also really likes UCLA.

USCemper> By the way, I really enjoyed your Dad's piece yesterday. Exceptional. SCT73> Where do you think we stand with Uko?

tyrranttrojan25> or heimuli:D

ScottSchrader> USC is in great shape with Uko. And thanks Angelo. He appreciates the compliments.

IMO SC will get Uko and Heimuli. But at this point, there's just so much that can happen between now and SIGNING DAY.

SCT73> Scott, if Pullard could end up in Westwood we are looking ultra thin at LB. Actaully we already are now. What options do we have there recruit wise?

USCemper> Well, if I do the math correctly, we don't have any more scholie after all the players we signed in this chat!

TrojanJP> lol

USCemper> I really do worry a lot about the LBs situation

USCemper> And Guards…

TrojanJP> And QB…

reddline> lol

TrojanJP> Just kidding.

jbreezy7> SS, other than R. Woods what SC recruits/prospects will get their fifth star before it's said and done IYO?

USCemper> Wow, I'm glad Bob is gone!

ScottSchrader> Christian Jones, Josh Shirley, Ronald Powell possibly moving to LB and Brent Williams from Taft could be an option. Jordan Hicks from Ohio said he's taking an official visit to USC.

TrojanJP> Powell playing Linebacker would be awesome.

USCemper> We need to stick to Meyer with Powell. Is he as close to UF as Bob mentioned?

USCemper> We tried Malik at LB and it didn't work, right? or am I dreaming? trojanwarrior> hey guys....how do we get this site more active?

ScottSchrader> I wish I knew which kids will get a fifth star, but I would give Baxter and George Uko a fifth star.

TrojanJP> I thought giving Oldtimer a column was brilliant

tyrranttrojan25> i saw it ScottSchrader> I believe SC tried Nick Perry at LB, not Malik.

USCemper> Yes, Scott, thank you

trojanwarrior> Nick Perry should move to the 3 technique spot

USCemper> Isn't he too light for that, TW?

TrojanJP> I just want Perry too get more PT

reddline> same here

ScottSchrader> emper, Florida is a real threat with Powell. But I think he will end up at SC.

trojanwarrior> the kid is huge and could definitely weight up.

USCemper> Great, I fucking hate UF, sorry my French!

reddline> lol

SCT73> It takes time. Scott and Kevin need to just keep doing what they are doing. It took me awhile to get over here. Others will come if the quality and info keep up.

SCT73> Only two of the 3 sites spend $ to make $, so to speak. And this is one of them. It will prevail over time.

USCemper> I think what 73 said is correct. It takes time and the quality needs to consistent.

TrojanJP> That would be must hear SCPlaybook.

trojanwarrior> I will go Finebaum on their ass.

SCT73> No, don't do what the other sites do. Do what they are not doing.

trojanwarrior> by the way folks...expect a really good tailgate this year with SCPlaybook.

TrojanJP> better have one against Oregon State.

TrojanJP> or I'm walking back to MD.

reddline> lol

trojanwarrior> JP...trust me the tailgate spot has been the same for the last 7 years reddline> wheres that warrior?

trojanwarrior>this year we will have 4 tents and a couple of TV;s and maybe even some recruiting Q& A

TrojanJP> I kneed to know that spot TW lol

reddline> ya this is definitely a slow period…

trojanwarrior> I will be posting the tailgate update sometime after the 1st week of Practice

reddline> mid end of august should start crankin reddline> did blemblam make the switch? haven't heard from him in a while ScottSchrader> I believe you are right red. IMO Kevin's practice reports the best, too. And his photos are money!!

reddline> oh man those photos were great

reddline> griffen looks like a beast JDGTrojan1> I saw the home depot college gameday bus this morning heading into the Los Angeles.

SCT73> Right, UF losing to Ole Miss in Gainsville is passe but USC losing to OSU in Corvallis is the Apocolypse? Didn't OSU finish top 3 the last 2 years and win 8-10 games? ESPN has some agenda or axe to grind.

reddline> JDG probly to ask usc players what they think of the great tebow and the unbeatable florida gators

SCT73> Scott, what do you know about this new fullback we have from OSU.

reddline> I loved in the rojo video he mentioned the media fawning over florida 'the other team' and he can't wait for the usc's offense to be unleashed.

ScottSchrader> red, Everson is loving the coaching change, too. He's a big fan of Coach Franklin. So am I.

reddline> thats awesome to hear scott!! i think our d-line is gonna be lights out this year

TrojanJP> If Franklin can get the dline to top form, our pass rush will be incredible

reddline> so much speed! granted not nearly as fast as those uber athletes over in the Sec

USCemper> aaahhhhh, the SEC

reddline> well had to bring it up since bob mentioned the sec speed and how tebow's greatness nullifies it

trojanwarrior> I want a dline like 2004

TrojanJP> I think this one could be great

ScottSchrader> SCT, I liked Mokhtar when he was at Mater Dei.

USCemper> I want a QB like 2004!

reddline> ahhh that dline in 2004 was absolutely amazing to watch in the orange bowl...they wreaked so much havok

reddline> it was an absolute clinic...linebackers were all over it too

ScottSchrader> The 2009 DL should be very good, too.

JDGTrojan1> how is nick perry looking?

reddline> wut a great defensive game

reddline> petersen rushed for only 65 yards right?

USCemper> So....the question is...are we all Corp's believers?

reddline> in like 20 carries?

ScottSchrader> JDG, I was told Perry looked extremely solid the last week of spring ball.

JDGTrojan1> Scott - thanks. He looks like he can be special

reddline> i think the offense will be a lot of running with some play action rolling corp out until he gets a few games under his belt...i have no problem since usc has a veteran line and running backs

SCT73> Scott, if we can get Powell would Jeffcoat still come?

reddline> wuts your gut on corp scott?

JDGTrojan1> red- well, the question is if a team like OSU rolls up 8 in the box and dares Corp to throw the ball vertically, can we do that enough. I mean, if we were playing against Corp, I imagine thats what we would do early to pressure him

ScottSchrader> I don't believe Jeffcoat is worried about depth charts. But I really can't your question with much credibility at this point because the Jeffcoats aren't talking to anyone about recruiting.

ScottSchrader> red, if Corp is the starting QB this season, the SC offense will be in good hands.

reddline> i agree jdg but i think usc will run until the defense stops them

reddline> i think this team with the veteran o-line and runningbacks could dominate a game if the playcallin is committed to the run

SCT73> Scott, getting late. Keep doing these. No one is doing chats right now and a lot or recruiting is going on. You have a lot to say and we want to hear it. Thanks

ScottSchrader> Thanks SCT73!! Good night!

reddline> wut do u think bout bates scott?

JDGTrojan1> Red - of course, I just imagine teams evening pushing a safety up to check that. I'm not knocking Corp, never really seen him however in real game conditions (that is, not handing the ball off against yet another big 10 team that came into the Rose ball talking trash yet got handed their hat by half time)

JDGTrojan1> even*

ScottSchrader> I haven't spoken to Bates, yet. But every offensive player I've talked to LOVES him. They are all extremely excited he's a coach at SC.

JDGTrojan1> McKnight..break out year?

u think its a different type of energy around the field when say sarkisian took over the offense? because players were excited bout the change then too

ScottSchrader> If Joe can stay healthy and practice, the sky's the limit with him.

reddline> i just want to temper my expectations but i liked shanahan's offense and he's a disciple of it so i'm hoping for the best

JDGTrojan1> Scott - so, Scroggins..whats the call

TrojanJP> Actually isn't Bates a Gruden disciple?

ScottSchrader> It's definitely a different energy. The players said they were excited in change when Sark took over, but you can feel it in their words when they talk about Bates.

ahhh music to my ears

can the season start already? this wait is killer

ScottSchrader> I believe Scroggins to USC

JDGTrojan1> excellent

ScottSchrader> red, every day on Facebook Brice Butler posts a number then the word, days. Today it's 17.

USCemper> If I were a player yearning to start and Saddam Hussein were the OC, I'd publicly proclaim my admiration for the guy.

reddline> lol

USCemper> Sorry, just one guy

reddline> true but from hearing scott it seems there is body language that indicates the truth behind their statement rather than a rehearsed PR type response

USCemper> I agree

reddline> u can see it in rojo's body language in the interview posted today

reddline> he just was completely giddy when discussing the offense

USCemper> That was a great interview, by the way.

reddline> ya making the wait even longer.…

ScottSchrader> August 8 is right around the corner. Heck, before you know it signing day will be here. The older I get, the faster time flies.

USCemper> Scott, any available road graders at the JUCO level?

reddline> ain't that the truth scott

ScottSchrader> None that I know of right now, emper. But I'm sure there are a few we'll find out about next month.

TrojanJP> I hope it doesn't come that fast Scott lol

ScottSchrader> Me too!

TrojanJP> Signing Day is glorious though; I am so useless that day

USCemper> Friends, it's 12:11 on the wrong coast and I must hit the sack. Thank you very much, Scott, let's do this more often.

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