Uko could announce his decision this month

George Uko from Don Lugo High in Chino, Calif., has an opportunity to choose from an impressive list of schools that have offered him a scholarship.'s No. 7 ranked defensive tackle has offers from schools like USC, UCLA, California, Oregon, Nebraska, Tennessee and Oklahoma, just to name a few.

There was a report Uko was close to committing to Oregon in the near future and SCPlaybook spoke to Uko's father, Johnson Uko, about that report.

"If there's a report that George is close to committing to Oregon, that is complete nonsense," said Johnson Uko. "George is wide open right now."

Uko might be wide open with the schools he's considering, but there are a few schools he has spoken extremely highly about in recent months. One of those schools is Oregon and another is local powerhouse, USC. Johnson Uko, who isn't shy from letting it known which school he favors, talked about his son‘s interest in USC.

"I'll just say George really likes USC a lot, I'll leave it at that," said Uko. "He's likes the competition and the competitive edge, he likes the coaches, the drills and the opportunity to win championships. He likes everything.

USC being close to home could be a factor is Uko's decision, but his father said that won't be the ultimate factor in George's decision.

"USC being close to home is obviously a good thing and could be a factor in his decision, but it won't be a major factor," said Uko. "I like USC and there's no hiding from that, I just like SC. I'm pushing for USC and George likes USC a lot.

And Johnson Uko isn't pushing for USC solely because of it's football program, he's well aware USC is one of the finest academic institutions in the country.

"I am very familiar with USC and it's academic accreditation," Uko said. "I know it's academic reputation is superb. If USC isn't a great school, why are their alums running all of the big companies in southern California? That really stands out. It's a great school and there a lot of connections you have when you are an SC alum. It's not all about football at USC."

Although George attended USC's Rising Stars Camp, his father said he hasn't had an opportunity to tour the campus and familiarize himself with the school.

"George has been to USC for a camp, but he hasn't seen the school and everything they have there," said Uko. "He's been to Oregon and saw that school, but he hasn't been to USC to see the school, yet. He plans on doing that very soon. USC is a school he can see whenever he wants. And I plan on taking him to a lot of practices, that is a given.

We asked Johnson Uko if George plans on announcing his commitment before the season begins?

"There's a strong possibility that will happen," Uko said.

Whichever school ends up getting George Uko's commitment will be getting one of the elite defensive tackles in the country, and a player who could make a significant impact as a true frehsman."

We'll have more on Uko when he and his father visit USC in the upcoming weeks. Top Stories