Chauncey Washington trip update

Running back Chauncey Washington gave a verbal commitment to the Trojans last spring and the talented player took his official visit to the USC campus this weekend.

Washington (6-0, 210) is ranked as the #7 running back in the nation by the Insiders and he was the first running back commit for this class with a group that now includes Reggie Bush and LenDale White.

There hasn't been a lot of information on Chauncey recently and there was even some speculation that the addition of other players at his position may have caused his to waver on his Trojan commit but we caught up with Charles Washington, Chauncey's father, after the official visit and he gave an extremly positive report from the trip.

"I saw a lot of good smiles on Chauncey's face this weekend, a lot of bright smiles.  I think he's contented, he's happy, you know what they say...he's a Trojan for life."

Chauncey misses four games this season due to a bruised knee but still put up 1,700 yards rushing with 23 touchdowns after gaining 1,800 yards with 24 touchdowns as a junior. 

"It was such a shame what happened to him because people don't know what he could have done.  We were shooting for 3,000 yards this year, he was averaging over 200 per game when he got hurt and I believe he would have gotten it.  The injury was against North Torrance and he just went into the end zone and someone hit him late.  It was a bad bruise on the inside of the right knee, nothing major, just a stretch of the ligament but they wanted to make sure and held him out.  It was hard for him to watch though because he missed some really big games that he wanted to play in and he had to sit on the sidelines watching his team lose when he knew he could be helping them.  The coach told me a couple times he even threatened to get dressed, that's just his competitive juices flowing because he knows he can make a big difference."

Charles Washington coached his son from flag football through Pop Warner up until 9th grade and he knows his son's game well.

"Chauncey likes to run hard, not too many jukes.  If you want to take him on I'll say good luck because you're gonna need a good clean hit and that doesn't happen too often.  He's similar to Marcus Allen in that one guy can't take him down.  He's also got pretty good speed and if you can catch him then great but you're gonna need to be moving.  Right now he's at 210 pounds but they're gonna bump him up to about 225 by the time he leaves USC.  He's in such a great position right now to be coming to SC because they only have one real tailback returning in Hershel Dennis.  It doesn't really faze him if they're bringing in other tailbacks because he figures it's a chance to share the wealth, instead of one guy doing the banging it will be two or three.  People also forget that he was the first to commit and he did it back before the team really blew up.  Chauncey believed in USC and these coaches pretty early."

Chauncey also paid a lot of attention to how USC did on the field this year and he is excited to take the next step in his career.

"He's ready and can't wait to get there.  He was watching all the games this year, we went to a few of them and he really wanted to go to the Orange Bowl to be a part of everything that was going on but it was a little steep for my wallet.  I told him next year we'll be there."

The official visit this weekend gave the family an opportunity to see the academic side of USC and get a sense of the many NCAA rules.

"We walked around campus a lot and saw the school.  We learned about the academic programs and stuff with the NCAA rules and what you can and cannot do.  I didn't know there were so many rules.  We got a chance to check out the locker room and weight room as well and then checked in with the coaches for a bit.  Chauncey got a chance to learn about the different programs in computer science or computer graphics, he's looking to major in something with computers.  He's got a 3.0 with a 1050 SAT right now and we're expecting him to come here and stay for four years to get his degree.  As far as football, the coaches just told him they're looking for him to come in ready to compete.  His host on the trip was Alex Holmes and he was a great guy, they also had a couple other big recruits on the trip, Steve Smith and the RB Maurice Drew from DeLaSalle." Top Stories