Maurice Drew trip report

WeAreSC caught up with Concord De La Salle's Maurice Drew. The talented tailback shares his thoughts on the official visit he took to USC this past weekend and he talks about what's up next.

WeAreSC- How did your trip to USC go this past weekend?


Drew- "I liked it a lot.  They treated us like they really wanted us to come.  I mean, it was different than all of the other visits."


WeAreSC- Talk about some of the things you did on the trip, starting from Friday when you arrived on campus.


Drew- "Well, we arrived earlier than everyone else on Friday.  It was me and Damon Jenkins.  We ate breakfast with Coach Davis and then we went to the hotel and checked in and everything.  Then we went back to the school to meet with Mike Garrett and we talked with him for awhile.  After that, they arranged for me to meet with my cousin, because she goes to USC, so I met up with her.  Then, all of the other players came and we did the academic thing.  Later, we went out to eat at the City Walk and out with the players after that.  Saturday was a long day.  We had a campus tour and I went to the business school, and we talked with one of the guys there for awhile.  Then after that we just talked to the coaches and went to the Coliseum.  They announced our names up on the big screen.  Oh, and before we went to the Coliseum we went to this restaurant where they were breaking glasses and everything, Papadakis'.  That was wild.  I've never seen anything like that before.  Then we went over to a player's house and went home the next day."


WeAreSC- You mentioned that this trip was a little different than the other one's that you've been on.  What made this trip stand out like that?


Drew- "Papadakis' and the Coliseum thing.  That never happened before, where they announce your name on the big screen.  I've never seen that.  And just the way the coaches acted."


WeAreSC- Who was your host?


Drew- "Darrell Rideaux.  We got along real well."


WeAreSC- How did your talk with the coaches go?


Drew- "They were just asking what other schools were in my decision and they were just like ‘just make the best decision for you.'  Also, since I can catch, they said they could pass the ball to me more.  They said they'll still run the ball even, but since I can catch the ball, to make the quarterbacks more comfortable, they'd pass it more to the running backs because they're new."


WeAreSC- Did your family make it down for the trip?


Drew- "No, my mom was going to come down but she couldn't because my sister had a tournament up here for basketball."


WeAreSC- Who were some of the other recruits that you hung out with on the trip?


Drew- "I hung out with Chauncey Washington, Jody Adewale, Fili Moala, Devin Adair, and everyone pretty much hung out together who was on the trip."


WeAreSC- Did anyone commit on the trip?


Drew- "Oh well, Steve Smith was there, I don't know if he committed though.  He was favoring toward that way."


WeAreSC- So overall, what kind of impression did the trip leave on you?


Drew- "It left a good impression.  I really liked it, so I'm just going to take these next two trips and then I'll decide after that."


WeAreSC- What two visits do you have coming up?


Drew- "UCLA and Cal."


WeAreSC- I read recently that you might possibly have Oregon leading Top Stories