Lamarr Woodley interview

Saginaw's (MI) Lamarr Woodley is one of the top recruits left on the Trojan wish list for the class of 2003. Here's the latest on a recent in-home visit and where USC stands for this blue chip linebacker.

WeAreSC- So, are you still down to the same three schools?


Woodley- "Yeah, the same ones, Michigan, Michigan State, and USC."


WeAreSC- What do you like about each of those schools that still has them in the running here at the end?


Woodley- "USC, they send a lot of linebackers to the pro's, and they have Coach Pete Carroll, him being an old pro coach, a defensive coordinator, he brings the pro defense to the college level.  That gets you ready for the next level.  Michigan, they're known nation wide.  They're on TV every weekend and they're always rated like USC, as one of the top teams in the country every year.  They also send a lot of players to the NFL.  Michigan State, that's always been one of my hometown favorites and they were one of the first teams to start recruiting me.  My spot is very open there at Michigan State."


WeAreSC- You've mentioned before that you definitely want to play outside linebacker in college, is that where all three schools are recruiting you to play at?


Woodley- "Yeah, they're all recruiting me at outside linebacker."


WeAreSC- Are you leaning toward any one of those schools right now?


Woodley- "No, I'm not leaning toward any one of them right now.  I'm thinking hard about it everyday, but no, I'm not."


WeAreSC- Have you been having any in-home visits lately?


Woodley- "Yeah, I had one from USC last week and one from Michigan State last week.  USC came by Wednesday and Michigan State came by Thursday."


WeAreSC- Who came by from USC and how did that visit go?


Woodley- "Coach Holt and Coach Kiffin.  They both came over here and we sat down in the living room and talked, my parents talked to them.  I showed them my highlight tape that the news down here made.  We just really talked about the same things that we talked about when I came out for my visit, but they got a chance to meet my parents and talk to them.  My parents liked them.  They said that I'd fit in their defense pretty well.  They said that they usually don't go too far out of state in recruiting, so it would be a good opportunity for me to come down there.  They also said that I can run sideline to sideline pretty good and they haven't seen too many people who can do that."


WeAreSC- Do you have any in-home visits coming up this week?


Woodley- "Not as far as I know."


WeAreSC- Now that you've taken all of your official visits, does any one of those visits stand out?


Woodley- "By far, I'd have to say USC stood out the most because I'd never been out to California.  Michigan and Michigan State, I'd already been down there for a lot of football games, so I'd already seen the environment they were in and everything.  USC was different.  I got a chance to see stuff that I've never seen before."


WeAreSC- Except for USC, the other two schools are in-state.  A lot of people think that might play a role in your decision.  Is staying close to home a factor?


Woodley- "That's not really any kind of a factor.  If I really wanted to stay close to home, there's a school called Saginaw Valley State University that's close to home [laughing].  It's not really a factor."


WeAreSC- I know you have a cousin and some buddies at Michigan State.   Are you feeling any pressure to go there?


Woodley- "Oh no.  We've got one player from Saginaw playing at Michigan too, so it won't play a role, because by them being there, that's not helping me out.  I still have to play for myself."


WeAreSC- Do you follow recruiting news on the internet?


Woodley- "Yeah, I haven't been on there in a couple of weeks, but I always go on there and check out where people are signing.  Like Donte Whitner from Ohio.  When we were down at USC I was like ‘you're going to go to Ohio State.'  After the all-star game he played in I saw that and I said, ‘I knew he was gonna go there.'  I glanced at USC's class the other day.  The bell rang right when I was looking at USC, so I had to hurry up and get out of there to go to class."


WeAreSC- What have you been doing now that your football season is over?


Woodley- "I've been playing basketball.  It's going good.  I'm averaging like 10 points and 10 rebounds."


WeAreSC- When are you going to make your final decision?


Woodley- "I'm going to wait until the 5th now.  I'm so close to it I might as well just wait." Top Stories