Woodley has in-home visit with Carroll

Lamarr Woodley had an in-home visit last night with Trojan coach Pete Carroll and we caught up with Terry Woodley, Lamarr's father, for an update:

"I loved it, I loved talking to him and I certainly listened to what he was telling me.  I liked what he said about all the support they have for the athletes, both academically and with football, that really impressed me. 


He talked about the tutors, the people checking up on the classroom progress, all the stuff that tells me if Lamarr needs help it'll be there because they're keeping an eye on him. With the football part, he was talking about the conditioning and how they get them ready, in the off-season the coaches aren't allowed to be there so the players do a good job of getting people together and that really showed me the team concept because everybody's got to work together. 


Pete Carroll had my attention, I'll admit that.  I liked the man a lot.  He could've sold me some swampland yesterday.  I was waiting for him to break out a board and start diagramming some plays, man, that guy has some energy.  I certainly wasn't sleeping when he was talking.


The visit had a real good impact on the family.  Lamarr, he listens but he doesn't really comment too much so we'll sit down later and discuss everything.  If Lamarr goes to SC I'll be happy.  To be honest, I'll be happy when he finally makes a decision and if that decision is to go to USC he has my blessing cause he's in good hands."

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